Furatsilin in pregnancy: rinsing of mouth and washing of nose

Can I use Furatsilin during pregnancy?

Furatsilin is a drug the name of which is familiar from childhood. International name – nitrofural. This is the main acting component of tablets, ointment and solution. The drug is widely used in the post-Soviet space as an antimicrobial and antiseptic. Modern Western medicine considers nitrofural to inefficient means. It is practically not used for the relief of syndromes of acute respiratory infections and flushing of purulent surfaces.

The medicine very carefully and almost invisibly affects a wide range of microbes. This fact allows to use it for the relief of syndromes in pregnant women. To completely get rid of the disease using dissolved in water or alcohol pills of this microbial product will not succeed. However, expectant mothers might want to learn about how to use this medicine to relieve the symptoms of angina, and diseases of the nasal mucosa.

General information on the medicinal product

Antiseptic effect on the lesion is to block decomposition and putrefaction of tissues and mucous membranes. That is why Furatsilin can be used during pregnancy for washing wounds, bathing of the throat and purulent tonsillitis, irrigation of the nasal passages. Its soft effects may seem invisible. However, the systematic application allows you to talk about the positive effect.

Status of expectant and nursing mothers, which is prescribed lavage solution Furatsilina:

  • pus formation on the damaged surfaces, wounds and burns 2 and 3 degrees;
  • fresh wounds or cuts;
  • the sores;
  • sore throat;
  • tonsillitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • minor skin damage.

In pharmacies, along with pills, sprays and ointments from this sold already prepared water and alcohol solutions.

When pregnant, you should only use an aqueous solution Furatsilina. Pregnancy is a condition in which you should eliminate or reduce the risk of the alcohol in the body of the mother.

Like all medicines, Furatsilina there are contraindications for external use:

  1. allergic reactions to derivatives of Nitrofurane;
  2. bleeding from the wounds;
  3. congenital or acquired skin diseases — dermatoses of different origin.
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How to prepare a solution Furatsilina

To prepare Furatsilin for rinsing/washing, you can follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. To prepare water for mixing. It should be boiled and use «cool» water.
  2. To clean an enamel bowl put chopped 2 pills Nitrofural and pour a Cup (200 ml) of boiling water.
  3. Once dissolved, boil on the fire the resulting yellow liquid is not less than 5 minutes.

Washing and rinsing Furacilinum is from 2 to 10 times a day, using a small amount of the cooled product. It can be stored in a cool dark place no more than a week. The storage container should be of dark glass with a tight-fitting lid.

Nasal lavage

Is it possible during pregnancy is to wash the nose Furacilinum? The answer to this question will depend on what results are expected from the use of medications. By itself, the drug is not potent tool, is not an antibiotic and does not treat fungal and viral diseases.

Irrigation of the nasal passages to create the effect of reducing unpleasant condition. Also douching of the nose will help to ease the pain. With an abundant mucous fluid dilutes the density of mucus. It promotes easy disposal of excreta.

The procedure can be performed independently. To do this, pinch the fingers on one nostril. In the second draw of the prepared liquid. Hold for 1-2 seconds and release. You can also use a baby syringe.

Caution! If swallowed, the solution is readily absorbed in the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract. This can lead to the occurrence of dermatitis, or an allergic reaction in the form of nausea and vomiting.

Gargling and mouth

Answering the question of whether to rinse your mouth Furacilinum during pregnancy, it is important to note several factors:

  1. It is unacceptable to self-medicate especially in the period of carrying a child. Any intervention can lead to irreversible consequences. So the answer is a firm «Yes» only if the consultation with a midwife or physician.
  2. Rinse the mouth with Furatsilina to ease the symptoms of gingivitis, stomatitis. However, to cure these diseases is possible only with simultaneous use of additional medications, as they must assign an appropriate specialist.
  3. The solution has an unpleasant bitter taste. During pregnancy taste sensations women are changing with the hormonal transformations the body. It is possible that the taste of the liquid will cause nausea or vomiting.

To avoid or reduce discomfort, rinse hold small amount of solution.

For irrigation of the tonsils head throws back and gargle for 5-10 seconds. Then spit out the medicine. It is advisable not to eat food or drink liquids for 20-30 minutes after the procedure. The effect of washing will be better if you increase the frequency up to 8-10 times a day.

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The most secure use of Furatsilina in pregnancy: nasal lavage, gargling and mouth. Provided that the mortar is mixed in accordance with recommended dosage, harm the mother’s body and unborn baby drug not cause. Tool can cause unpleasant side effects only if ingested, so it is important during this procedure not to swallow the liquid.

It is also worth noting that any drug during pregnancy must be approved by the attending physician or obstetrician-gynecologist. A slight cold can turn into unexpected complications. It is important to remember about the responsibility for the life of the future baby and to promptly contact a specialist.