Furatsilin: nasal lavage, is it possible to wash and how to wash

Is it possible to wash the nose Furacilinum?

Furatsilin is intended for the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract. In the drug is present nitrofural that destroys a broad spectrum of pathogens.

The Impact Of Furatsilina

The tool eliminates inflammatory processes that affect different parts of the mucosa of the nasopharynx. Furatsilina solution for nasal lavage increases the tone of blood vessels. The drug facilitates the removal of mucus, which prevents normal breathing.

It destroys Salmonella, various types of staphylococci and streptococci.

In contact with bacteria on the mucous membrane starts severe inflammation, which is accompanied by a headache.

Patients suffering from sinusitis, interested in the question of whether to wash the nose Furacilinum?

The therapeutic effect of the antibiotic is that nitrofural penetrate cells of pathogenic microorganisms and cause their death.

Furatsilin cannot be used in patients with Allergy to substances in the preparation. Nitrofural is not compatible with alcohol-based solutions. Furatsilin in the cold not only helps adults but also children.

Important! The nasal passages can not be washed with Furatsilina, if the patient revealed severe otitis media. The procedure would have to give to people suffering from tumors.

Features of solution preparation

How to breed Furatsilin for rinsing the nose? Water for solution preparation must be boiled. The optimal liquid temperature is 35 degrees. Furatsilin need to pre-crush. Most convenient to do this with the help of a mortar. The powder obtained from 5 tablets, pour in a separate container with water.

All components are completely dissolved. The presence of small droplets deposited on the bottom of the containers is not allowed. The detection of small particles, the solution must pass through a piece of gauze.

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How to wash the nose

Most patients do not know how to wash the nose with Furatsilina. To begin with, the patient should take a small teapot with a tip.

Now you need to gently introduce the solution into one nostril. The procedure is most convenient to hold over the sink in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

Important! Ensure that the tip touched the mucosa. Sudden movement can cause bleeding.

To remove the mucus, you can use the syringe. Method is considered the most simple and effective. Drug type in a baby syringe. After this solution was introduced into the sinuses.

Rinsing the nose with Furatsilina must be carefully not to damage mucous membranes. The person gently presses down on the bag and inject its contents into the nasal passages. Hospital washing is done using a procedure called «cuckoo». The method allows to clean the sinuses from accumulated pus. Read more if after washing ear ache.

Important! The patient is prohibited, immediately after the treatment to go outside. Violation of this requirement may lead to deterioration of the patient. Put urgent at least for an hour.

Nasal lavage in a child older than 5 years

Washing out the nose with Furatsilina in the home can quickly get rid of unpleasant symptoms. The patient is advised to go for consultation to the otolaryngologist.

I have the kids over 5 years old you can use the syringe.

Parents during the procedure you need to consider the advice of a doctor.

Do not use too cold water as this can cause hypothermia. While the baby have symptoms of a cold.

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Have your child lean over the sink. Prior to injection of the fluid the baby needs to take a breath, and hold my breath. Ensure that the treatment solution is poured from the adjacent nasal sinuses.

This will help to clear the nose from the exudate, which violate the nasal breathing. The pear can be opened only after removing the tip from the nose. Violation of this rule can damage the delicate mucous membranes of the child.

After washing the baby needs to blow his nose. Now the same actions can be repeated for the other nostril. To wash the baby’s nose Furacilinum is possible, if there are no contraindications to the procedure.

A nasal wash during pregnancy

Is it possible Furatsilina to wash the nose pregnant? The drug is not ingested into the digestive system women. This reduces the likelihood of side effects. Doctors prescribe the drug to pregnant women without fearing for their health.

The active substance has no effect on the fetus and can be used at all stages of child development. However, the tool cannot be used in patients with individual intolerance to the Furatsilina.

How to clean nose newborn

To remove pus from the sinuses of a newborn, you can use the eyedropper. The process of washing is complicated by the fact that the kid still can’t blow his nose. It is necessary to consider the structural features of the nasopharynx. Young children have too narrow nasal passages.


The purification procedure of the nose of pus can be carried out only after consultation with the otolaryngologist. In the process of introducing a solution into the nostril it is impossible to do sharp movements not to damage mucous membranes.

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The drug can be used by pregnant women and children. It is necessary to consider the possibility of allergic reactions.