Furuncle (boil) in the ear: symptoms, causes, treatment at home

How to treat boil in the ear?

Inflammation of the ears, today is not uncommon. In the world there are many unpleasant diseases of the ear; however, the most painful is the inflammation of hair follicles, which is called a boil. Furuncle of the external auditory canal manifested quite unexpectedly. The patient experiences severe fever, pain in the ears and head, and other symptoms.

What to do if your ear abscess — the most common question. Today, there are several types of medical care. So the question is, how to treat abscess in the ear should not cause special difficulties. Health professionals suggest as hospital treatment and home therapy methods.

About inflammation

Boil in the ear – a bad moment in the life of any person. People who have already faced this problem, know that treatment of an abscess is not difficult. Today, there are several types of funds. Usually, with the right approach, the healing of the boil is approximately seven days.

You know what the hardest part of the disease to tolerate small children.

In connection with the age, kids can’t explain their feelings, so parents discover the disease at later stages.

It is therefore important to know the symptoms of boils in the ear and, if necessary, time to go to a medical center.

At the initial stage of inflammation in the ear is felt burning and itching at the site of formation of abscess redness, in some cases, the patient experiences pain.

Time, which ripens the boil, is from five to ten days. But in the event that you noticed the symptoms and started the treatment, the furuncle may disappear in the early stages. At this stage it is important to correctly assign treatment, but it is necessary to know the causes of boil in the ear.

Causes of abscess

Factors for the appearance of boils, and boil in the ear variety.

Among the most common signs is the lack of hygiene of the organ of hearing, or improper ear cleaning.

Especially often this symptom occurs in younger children.

Due to frequent touching dirty hands to the ears occurs infection of the outer region or of the auditory canal, causing the formation of inflammation.

So teach your children to daily hygiene of the ears and hands. In the latter case, remember that hands should be washed after each visit to the street. Start to bring up the child from the very young age. In this case, the purity of the body will become a matter of habit.

Another reason for the formation of growths in the ears can be a trauma or mechanical damage to the ear on. These reasons include scratches and scrapes. In microlance settle various bacteria, including staphylococci, which cause a purulent discharge.

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In some cases of the formation of a boil in the ears become colds. Therefore, it is important to dress for the weather, wear a hat in the cold season and try to avoid crowded places at the moment of activation of respiratory disease.

Please note the photo of boil in the ear:

Symptoms of the disease

Once you have established the root cause of inflammation in the ear passage, it is necessary to identify symptoms and signs that symbolize about the beginning of the inflammatory process or already formed CIRA.

The first signs of the formation of boil in the ear is:

  • dryness;
  • burning;
  • the itching sensation;
  • swelling;
  • the increase in blood flow to the affected area.

In addition, the appearance of pain at the place of formation of the boil, the patient begins to ache, shooting pains appear in the middle or inner ear.

This causes dizziness and nausea. The person loses appetite and sleep poorly at night.

In the youngest patients receive the moodiness, the child refuses food. If you put the baby on the sore ear is a piercing scream, in addition, the child often reaches out her hands to the sore spot.

Pay attention to the main symptoms of education CIRA in the ear:

  1. Severe pain in the ears, preventing normal human life.
  2. The appearance of pain in the head and temples.
  3. Severe swelling in the ear canal.
  4. Parotid lymph significantly increase in size. Become stiff, lose their elasticity.
  5. The patient increased body temperature up to 39 degrees.

There are several stages of inflammation, which include the following items:

The beginning of the inflammatory process, which takes approximately 48 hours. At this time, the place of formation of the abscess appears seal, the skin reddens, there is a strong itching and irritation the area.

At this time, it is necessary to take urgent measures to eliminate the abscess. For this approach the physical therapy with the use of thermotherapy and a variety of alcohol compresses.

The next stage comes of suppuration. The patient feels pain, loss of appetite, shooting pains in the head and other symptoms. At this stage, the inflammation is localized in a certain place and noticeably thickens, the skin becomes livid or bluish in color.

After this stage is suppurative rod, and on top there is a bubble. Then, after three days, the boil ripens and purulent contents is rejected.

This stage usually lasts about four days. At this stage it is necessary to be examined by a specialist and adhere to the prescribed course of treatment. Remember that self-medication at this stage is unacceptable!

The final stage, in which there is a recovery. The total time of treatment can reach up to ten days.

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At this time it is strictly prohibited to use methods of alternative medicine and squeeze the boil. Ensure that the ears are not wet.

It can cause otitis media and other complications. Water treatments should be postponed until complete recovery.

In any case, do not comb the boil and do not try to squeeze. Remember that improper treatment at this stage will provoke the inflammation — sepsis, thrombophlebitis and other diseases.

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In order to quickly cure an ear, consult a qualified doctor and strictly adhere to the prescribed treatment.

If you have diagnosed a furuncle of the ear according to ICD 10 (code H60.0 ), you should immediately start treatment. This inflammation can leave scars and subcutaneous tissue. Treat this issue seriously. Let us examine the question of how to treat a boil in the ear as completely as possible.

International Classification of diseases 10 edition — a document used as a leading statistical basis in health care.

Treatment of abscesses in the ears

Today the cure of furuncle in the ear takes place in two ways depending on the severity of the inflammation and its location. Commonly, for the treatment of boils are assigned to Erythromycin, Tetracycline, Rulid and other drugs.

Once you have discovered education CIRA in the ear, do not attempt to remove the abscess yourself.

Treatment at home involves not alternative medicine. On the contrary, traditional medicine may severely harm human health.

So, at the first sign of boils consult a specialist.

Commonly at this stage, are appointed by the warming alcohol compresses as well:

  1. Rinsing with hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Ointment that reduces swelling and pain, Vishnevsky ointment, nasal spray.
  3. Dressings with antibiotics – Dimexide.

In the case of elevated temperature the patient are appointed antipyretics. In addition, throughout the course of treatment, it is necessary to take vitamins and supplements.

In the case of severe complications the patient is prescribed antibiotics course for at least seven days.

On prescription patients can prescribe subcutaneous or intramuscular injection to the patient own blood taken from the veins of the autohemotherapy.

This procedure should be carried out every two days to fully cure. This method is considered to be one of the most effective, especially in combination with combined therapy.

If the patient is asked at the initial stage of inflammation, antibiotics are not a necessity.

At this stage, the patient is assigned physiotherapy:

  • ultrahigh-frequency therapy;
  • irradiation with ultraviolet light;
  • compresses;
  • thermotherapy.

After the boil has burst, the patient must eliminate the pus with the help of special solutions and ointments. To relieve itching at this stage are assigned to the washing of boric alcohol or vaseline.

In the case of a large boil not to be treated with medication or physical therapy, appointed by surgery. With the help of surgery Chir is removed, and then held antibiotic therapy.

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Treatment of furuncle in the ear at home

If you notice in the ear boil what to do in the first place? It is known that the treatment of furuncle is not complicated or lengthy. Commonly, doctors prescribe therapy in a home environment, which includes heat therapy, blue light or compresses.

At the first sign of oil seal in my ear with iodine and enter in the ear, turundas soaked in vodka or alcohol for fifteen minutes. In case of itching, redness and irritation this method will allow you to avoid the formation of abscess.

After implementing this procedure, use thermotherapy. This method is especially effective on the third day of the formation of boil. Blue light or compresses will accelerate ripening of boils and reduce the pain.

In the absence of the home lamps use warmer full of warm water. Remember, the compresses should not be hot. Thus, you can cause a burn.

Therefore, the warmer should be wrapped with a towel and then put the patient. Keep this position for 15 minutes every five hours for two days.

Remember FURUNO forbidden to open or to push. In this case, the disease may go to the surrounding tissue and worsen the whole situation.

In the case of diseases of children, conduct these operations with caution, because boils can have a negative impact on the condition of the organ of hearing in General.

Remember that home treatment involves complex therapy with medication drugs.


Treat the inflammation serious as his recovery could take a long time. And in the case of purulent inflammation of the boil can go on the ear canal and cause the emergence of other diseases.

Remember that the treatment of boils is not difficult, but for full recovery you must strictly adhere to treatment.