Garlic in the ear from a cold for a cold — recipes and tips doctors

Does the garlic in your ears from a cold?

A cold usually catches up with the man at the most inopportune moment, would violate his professional plans. This unpleasant disease, among other things, is a great «ground» for the occurrence of serious complications in diseases of the ears and throat under the influence of infections and bacteria, «raging» in the body of colds and SARS, there are often inflammatory processes.

And although the disease is considered to be short-lived and easy to cure, sometimes it is cold complications poison a person’s life for weeks. To accelerate the treatment process of our compatriots prefer to combine conservative and traditional medicine: in some situations it is justified and harmless, but sometimes this approach is contraindicated for the patient due to objective reasons. In particular, a popular method of eliminating disease — garlic in the ear for colds.

The beneficial properties of garlic

Before you take any miraculous methods of traditional medicine, doctors strongly recommend to familiarize yourself with the contraindications and side effects, and to assess the advantages of these methods before pharmaceuticals.

By itself, garlic is extremely useful, it has spread in cooking and folk medicine due to its composition.

In particular, garlic contains different vitamins (including vitamin C, choline, some b vitamins, vitamin PP), different minerals and even essential oil.

But the most important component of garlic, for which it is used in traditional medicine — volatile and allicin.

These two substances work wonders for colds and many other ailments. Folk wisdom claims that due to this varied composition of garlic for treatment was used in ancient times.

The exceptions are the Greeks and Romans, who for some reason have not used this plant as a food product or a medicinal drug.

At the same time, the ancient Indians, by contrast, refused from eating garlic, but used it purely for medicinal purposes.

If you look at the chemical composition of useful components, contained in garlic, it can be concluded that traditional recipes with garlic have:

  • the bactericidal effect. For example, is produced when mechanical destruction of garlic allicin antiseptic against bacteria and some fungal diseases. Volatile also have the same effect;
  • support of the cardiovascular system. It is known that thanks to the useful properties of garlic people learned how to prevent the formation of cholesterol. As a consequence, garlic is often used in recipes, aimed at «optimization» of the heart — it is argued that thanks to these recipes, the heart muscle works more efficiently, and many dangerous diseases are prevented;
  • expectorant effect. In particular, apply in the people this plant for the liquefaction and elimination of sputum in case of strong cold cough;
  • the effect of immune stimulation. Often the beneficial properties of this plant is directed to strengthening immune system and biologically active substances contained in it stimulates the immune system;
  • anti-inflammatory effect. Since ancient times garlic prefer to treat many inflammation. Even in diseases of the genitourinary system, as stated, this plant efficiently: the withdrawal from the body naturally due to the activity of beneficial substances, garlic is disinfection of the urinary tract.
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In fact, the applications of this medicinal plant is much more — people have adapted to treat garlic drops, tinctures, and compresses even diseases of bones, joints and muscles.

Speaking of colds and SARS, it can be argued that the useful properties of garlic are often the main measures of prevention and treatment of these diseases traditional medicine.


Uses the beneficial properties of garlic there are so many. People prefer to eat it for dinner, prepare on its basis, alcohol or oil infusions for grinding and other methods of local application. Many patients forget about the original folk method, which foresees the laying of garlic in the ears.

Indeed, our ancestors laid the garlic in the ears from cold and in various ear ailments. It is alleged that the garlic in the ear from colds laid with the purpose of obtaining volatile and allicin by natural means.

Although it would seem, nothing complicated in the implementation of such popular recipes there, without knowledge of the patient may hurt himself.

The treatment of children

In the treatment of children garlic in the ear is laid very carefully. It is impossible to apply this method in the case of infants, and for older patients it is recommended to conduct tests.

  1. Preparation of garlic. Garlic clove, medium size cleaned and cut into small pieces to produce non-liquid slurry. Each piece size should not exceed rice.
  2. Preparation compress. In a gauze or cloth with a size of about 12×12 inches wrapped the resulting slurry so that it is possible to twist the elongated swab, the diameter of the corresponding ear of the child.
  3. Introduction compress. Received «gauze garlic» the flagellum is introduced into the ear canal, but not deep. Before the introduction of a recommended to lubricate the ear and the ear canal moisturizing baby cream.
  4. Monitoring and further treatment. When «test» (test) introduction to the ear pack is removed after 5-10 minutes to inspect the ear canal. If any redness, signs of allergies or worse, a burn trace is left, the harness is inserted into the ear for another 15-20 minutes.
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During the first procedure it is also possible to reduce the amount of time the garlic in the ear two times instead of 20-30 minutes like this «tampon» can be retrieved in 10-15 minutes. Starting with the next procedure, it can take all of 30 minutes.

Important! When external inflammation and wounds in the ear passage, this method is not recommended because the garlic juice can cause burns.

It is also important to note that within 5-10 minutes the child will feel in the mouth bright garlic taste: because the hearing is associated with the nasopharynx, the smell gradually via the Eustachian tube will move to the nose and throat. In folk recipes it is said to be a sure sign of the effectiveness of the method.

Treatment of adults

Garlic in the ear for adults is entered with no less care.

First, it is important to ensure the absence of inflammation.

Second, to neglect the «test» formulation of such a compress is also not recommended — people often have allergic reactions that aggravate the disease.

Ways to use garlic in the ears for adults, there is more than for younger patients:

  • garlic compress. Finely chopped (no grater) garlic (a few cloves) wrapped in a gauze fabric, resulting in a small «healing pouch». This pouch can be applied to the affected ear or both, securing a cap or gauze dressing. This compress is aged 30-45 minutes;
  • oil turundy. Based on the healing properties of this plant can make an infusion: olive, mustard or sesame oil is heated to 38 degrees in a water bath, then it interferes with the finely chopped garlic. When the oil turn black, they need to moisten turundy (made of wool «wicks») and enter into the ear canal, being careful not to touch the tympanic membrane or the mucous membrane, for 20-30 minutes;
  • a clove of garlic. Sometimes in the absence of conditions for the production of compresses used just clove this medicinal plant: a needle or a match in a small cloves of bore holes that the garlic was a little soggy, and then the kink is introduced into the ear canal so that there is danger of penetration into the inner ear for 20-30 minutes.

Important! Because garlic can cause skin burns and eardrum, without discussion of such methods with your doctor their use is not recommended. Against the background of these burns and allergies disease can not only worsen, but also «haunt» unpleasant consequences, up to permanent hearing loss.

The position of the official medicine

Eminent doctors urged to abandon methods for treatment of the ears in adults and children with the help of garlic. Since we live in the era of evidence-based medicine, the beneficial properties of the onion family are considered to be if not useless, it is inefficient for human ailments.

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In particular, the various medical sources claim that volatile and allicin is not able to fully cope with the common cold and SARS, these substances are designed to protect against fungi and viruses the plant itself.

In addition, instill into the ears a few drops of garlic drops or hope for the assimilation of the ear and nose of the useful properties of garlic through its full-bodied flavor, according to doctors, is not effective.

Even if contained in the garlic volatile and allicin were able to fight off colds and ear infections to enter the ear they had in large quantities. If in an ear to introduce a sufficient amount of garlic or onion juice, a chemical burn is, alas, inevitable.

Thus, doctors do not recommend to replace the pharmaceuticals. In addition, to completely abandon the self-medication doctors recommend to primary treatment to the doctor: only after analysis and careful examination, the doctor may permit the patient to apply some gentle and appropriate methods for treatment.

However, without medication to even do in this case is unlikely.