Barrett’s esophagus: a forecast, is it possible to cure

Is there a cure for Barrett’s esophagus

Common chronic diseases always occur with episodes of exacerbations and remissions (periods of disease without exacerbation). But there is another category of morbid processes precancerous, which is the most afraid of the doctors themselves are suffering from this disease people. In relation to this group is impossible to say with certainty how long the disease will stage a steady flow.

One of such mysterious conditions is Barrett’s esophagus, the prognosis may be favorable, but unfortunate circumstances, the disease may go unnoticed in the most difficult cancer treatment process.

Why does Barrett’s esophagus need to watch

Most often outpatient service urges people annually undergo regular routine examinations. Very busy with their work and household chores either before this, because to stand in a queue near the office tests — not a very enviable prospect, if you have to do. But in relation to Barrett’s esophagus will not only have to annually visit a therapist, it is important to endoscopy at least once a year. The multiplicity of observations from a GP and specialists depends on the degree of changes in the cells of the mucous layer of the esophagus.

Doctors closely monitor patients who exhibited such a diagnosis. According to various reports in different countries the probability of conversion of modified cells of esophageal cancer ranges from 0.8 to 10%.

Is there a cure for Barrett’s esophagus? Or over time, nearly one in ten is likely to get the disease that claim many lives in few months? Running disease — esophageal cancer, people are living in the best case, 2-3 years in the worst 6-10 months.

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Barrett’s esophagus — a disease that is considered as one of the stages of cancer in the case when the process of degeneration of epithelial cells into malignant. Therefore, doctors do not give rest to people who have already started appearing atypical cells. Under constant observation there is a high probability that such changes will not start.

Who is at risk

Detection of the disease in the early stages of disease development is a priority direction in the work of the therapist. Often your doctor may suggest to undergo esophagoscopy those people who do not show typical disease complaints. These include:

  • Пищевод Барретта: прогноз, можно ли вылечитьfair-skinned men older than 50 years overweight with the feeling of a lump in my throat or burning sensation in the chest;
  • patients who are concerned with burning pain in the heart area, but when examining changes in ECG is not detected;
  • GERD, and constant heartburn history of more than five years.
  • How I live with Barrett’s esophagus with detection of the disease early in its development? The prognosis is favorable if able to see the painful process in the early stages. The implementation of the recommendations of a doctor and constant supervision helps time to navigate and perform the necessary treatment.

    How to avoid the risk of developing cancer of the esophagus

    The important question that bothers everyone who is faced with this diagnosis — if treated Barrett’s esophagus? Yes, the disease is amenable to medical treatment, if you do not forget to use medications prescribed by the doctor and apply them for a long time.

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    That helps not only to improve health, but also reduce the development of possible oncologic process?

    1. Пищевод Барретта: прогноз, можно ли вылечитьSmall correction lifestyle: avoiding harmful habits, reduction of body weight, mode of work and rest.
    2. A proper balanced diet.
    3. Timely observations from the experts.
    4. Strengthening the immune system.
    5. How to heal Barrett’s esophagus? Need well-chosen drug therapy.
    6. Physiotherapeutic methods of treatment in conjunction with other recommendations.
    7. In the absence of a positive effect of all the above procedures (in the case where the treatment was carried out long all available drugs) you need to discuss with your doctor the possibility of surgery.

    How many years of living with Barrett’s esophagus? In a good case for a long time. The disease itself is not the cause of death of the person with this disease can safely last for decades and not even to apply specific therapies for good health.

    Dangerous complications of the disease, which include:

  • bleeding;
  • narrowing of the esophagus (stenosis);
  • cancer of the esophagus.
  • And if the first two complications are easily corrected through surgical intervention, in the case of cancer one can only try to delay death. The incidence of cancer is growing every year.

    Clinical recommendations for Barrett’s esophagus

    Пищевод Барретта: прогноз, можно ли вылечитьAccording to clinical guidelines in the detection of Barrett’s esophagus are assigned to the proton pump inhibitors (pantoprazole, esomeprazole) in a double dose. After three months, conducting follow-up endoscopic examination of the authority and, if not positive effect, treatment continued for a long period with re-biopsy after 3 and 6 months. In rare cases, people have to use drugs in the course of the year.

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    Favorable course of the process requires the holding of gastrofibroscopy once a year and compliance with only the General recommendations for lifestyle changes. In mild asymptomatic course of the disease, doctors recommend occur not annually, but every five years.

    Terrible diagnosis of Barrett’s esophagus can only frighten the ignorant person. The disease is easily treatable, and timely follow up is a good preventive of the terrible complications of esophageal cancer.