Belching and bloating: causes and treatment

The causes of burping air and bloating after eating

It is difficult to spend a quiet day, if you are constantly worried about heartburn, belching and bloating. The last symptom is violate General well-being, causes pain.

Cause of disorders in the internal organs may be irregular with food or chronic diseases that worsen in the most inopportune moments in life. Muting such manifestations of the disease are temporary measures you can forget about a happy recovery.

Belching and bloating due to malnutrition

Many have noticed that late or an unbalanced diet often lead to nausea, bloating and the appearance of regurgitation. Thus in normal conditions the sufferer such not the most pleasant human problems there are no complaints about violations in work of digestive organs. The doctors in this case, it is recommended to pay attention to the daily diet. Not the last role in the onset of symptoms play and the rules of serving dishes. Bloating and belching, and heartburn is a constant companion of those who makes these errors.

  1. Food on the go — during a fast and active of food in the digestive system gets excess air. Accumulating in the stomach and then passing into the intestine, the gas causes the above symptoms.
  2. Nutritionists insist that liquid food (soups, broths, juices) should be consumed first. They stimulate the production of gastric juice, which subsequently is spent on the main dish. If lunch consists of only the first — there is a probability of formation of excessive gas.
  3. The reason for burping and bloating is the consumption of fruits or vegetables immediately after a meal. These products also cause the release of juice. After eating an excess remains in demand and leads to flatulence. Diets with only vegetable components cause a similar effect.
  4. Over-nutrition. Extra products, no matter how necessary it may seem, not profit. Everyone knows the amount of food, which is enough for reinforcements. It’s not even in unhealthy calories and in volume. Useless substances are not only not consumed, but zastavas, begin to deteriorate in the stomach. Appears belching air, bloating and cramps.
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Belching and bloating due to the lack of enzymes

Отрыжка и вздутие живота: причины и лечениеThe other option of developing problems with digestion — low production or lack of enzymes for digestion. In this case, how balanced and timely would not have food that will not be enough. Diseases detected during a long examination, sometimes by eliminating other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

A typical and frequent recent example is the inflammation of the pancreas — chronic pancreatitis. This is a common cause of bloating and burping after or while eating.

Which can lead to the development of this pathological process in addition to acute pancreatitis?

  1. Drinking alcohol in large quantities.
  2. Rich fatty and protein foods.
  3. Chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines (gastritis, inflammation of the duodenum).
  4. Diseases of the biliary tract, especially calculous cholecystitis.
  5. Genetic predisposition.
  6. Surgery on the abdominal organs.
  7. Provokes inflammation of the simultaneous use of alcohol and greasy food, poor nutrition.

Отрыжка и вздутие живота: причины и лечениеThe clinical picture of the disease process depends on the degree of lack of enzymes and individual characteristics of the organism. The disease is accompanied by symptoms:

  • belching and flatulence after eating;
  • pain in the stomach area, there are surrounding, sometimes give in the back and the left half of the abdomen;
  • constipation alternating with diarrhea;
  • loss of appetite and consequently weight loss, sleep disorder.
  • The disease is difficult to recognize, there are several options during the process. Hit the disease, may, very successful people with the right lifestyle and attitude to food.

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    Belching and bloating due to disease of the biliary tract

    Biliary tract disease — a few diseases which cause similar symptoms are: belching, bloating and gas. This list includes:

  • biliary dyskinesia (violation of the reduction of the gall bladder and ways);
  • anomalies of the biliary system (shape change, the emergence of pathological diverticulum — diverticula);
  • chronic acalculous cholecystitis;
  • postcholecystectomy syndrome (a disease appearing after removal of the gallbladder).
  • Unlike pancreatitis biliary tract disease accompanied by:

  • intermittent pain in the right hypochondrium, a few times during the day;
  • bitterness in the mouth after eating;
  • nausea.
  • After eating bloating and belching are particularly concerned with the consumption of fatty foods. In order to accurately diagnose you need to do an ultrasound of the abdominal organs.

    How to treat belching and bloating

    Отрыжка и вздутие живота: причины и лечениеBefore to treat belching and bloating the first is to establish the diagnosis. Then to identify the cause of the disease and try to resolve it. Treatment consists of several stages.

    1. Diet. Well-balanced meal. Frequent smaller meals. In the period of exacerbation excludes fatty food, spicy food and canned food. Allowed sweet biscuits, marmalade. Coffee and spirits are forbidden.
    2. If pancreatitis is also appointed long course of enzymatic drugs: Mezim, CREON, Pancreatin.
    3. In addition to basic treatment for the normal working of the stomach and the initial division of the small intestine are used proton pump inhibitors.
    4. Apply cholagogue and substances that reduce pain.
    5. With the stagnant phenomena in the stomach are used prokinetics.
    6. All other drugs are used by prescription (sedatives, hypnotics by prescription).
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    To establish the cause of the disease, so to solve the problem with his treatment. But sometimes, in the case of diseases of the digestive system, you should start with the basics — food!