Belching and nausea — the causes of their appearance

Causes of belching and nausea after eating

  • When nausea and belching do not belong to the digestive system
  • One symptom may be only coincidental. Two symptoms and over, repeated many times, are already signs of irregularities in the work of any organ.

    Constant belching and nausea is a more reliable indication of changes in the functioning of the digestive system. When they meet together — it’s time to think about their health and try to figure out what a painful process concerned.

    Nausea and belching because of the bad food

    Belching and nausea often occur in the use of «wrong» for the body of food, the cause is intolerance to one of the components of the dish. For example, older people often experience difficulties in the processing of dairy products. Milk, cheese, kefir and yogurt — digestive system the ingredients, the processing which stands out is the number of enzymes, as in his youth (before 20 years).

    But this is not the only products at risk for humans. Why still there are unpleasant symptoms?

    1. Strong coffee, drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, can cause not only nausea, but also vomiting.
    2. This also need to include alcoholic drinks, which is associated with intoxication after drinking, especially in large quantities.
    3. If a person was diagnosed with inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach with high acidity of gastric juice you need to eat less acidic foods and seaming. Using them will lead to the above symptoms.
    4. No matter how good I said about the taste of these mushrooms is heavy and difficult of the processed protein. Even the real mushrooms can lead to unfamiliar outcomes.
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    The mechanism of appearance after a meal nausea and belching often associated with enzymatic deficiency or with individual intolerance of some components of the product. In addition to these each person with the age of the list of heavy food for the digestive system almost every year. Thus, the body warns of the need to care about health, because dietary exposure and multiple infection does not go unnoticed.

    Nausea and belching due to diseases of the esophagus and stomach

    Отрыжка воздухом и тошнота — причины их появленияAs nausea and belching in isolation are symptoms of different disease processes. But together it’s almost a symptom, a thought-provoking doctor-patient thinking about the defeat of certain organs.

    These symptoms are observed in the lesions of the esophagus, more precisely, its last division of the lower esophageal sphincter (the muscle bordering the stomach and preventing reverse throw food). This is a manifestation of the disease that affects these two body — GERD. And, although the leading symptom of this disease is heartburn, this is not its only manifestation.

    After eating feel sick and bothered by the frequent burping is a sign of bad functioning of the stomach. It is the body, the lesions of which first appear like signs. Under certain conditions, its mucous membrane inflamed, responding to stimuli from the environment. The latter include:

  • aggressive food: spicy food, alcohol, fried foods;
  • malnutrition, frequent violations of the regime;
  • bacterial infection, which applies primarily Helicobacter pylori, which affects all layers of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • viruses.
  • If in addition to inflammation, disrupted motor function of the stomach — appears constantly worried about belching with putrid odor, heaviness in stomach, nausea.

    Nausea and belching because the lesions of other organs of the gastrointestinal tract

    Belching and nausea are not necessarily symptoms of stomach problems, despite the fact that it seems the most obvious reason for their occurrence. They can signal about diseases and other gastrointestinal tract.

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    Inflammation or ulcer of the duodenum

    Отрыжка воздухом и тошнота — причины их появленияPart of the digestive system in lesions which may also experience nausea and belching — duodenum.

    They are the leading symptoms of inflammation or ulcer of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Doctor more likely to pay attention to the appearance and character of pain in the projection of the intestine.

    But belching sour with a dash of food — a clear sign of ulcers. If it is ignored, it is possible to bring the person to complications.


    Speaking about the digestive system not to mention the glands, which can also be hampered. These include:

  • Отрыжка воздухом и тошнота — причины их появленияpancreas;
  • gallbladder;
  • the liver.
  • Belching, bloating and nausea, symptoms of all known diseases — pancreatitis.

    The pancreas produces enzymes for processing of food. They are secreted in the duodenum and break down proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates. Simply put, perform heavy and very meaningful work. Often during the holidays when alcohol together with fatty foods (not for pancreas food) disrupted her work as a result of inflammation.

    Accurate diagnosis helps the biochemical analysis of blood ultrasound of abdominal organs. But the symptoms of the process can play a significant role in this case. In addition to the above signs for pancreatitis typical girdle pains, loose stools or cause constipation, vomiting and heaviness after eating.


    Cause of regurgitation (bitter) and nausea is inflammation of the gallbladder — cholecystitis. People complain of a feeling of bitterness in the mouth, pain in the right hypochondrium, weakness.

    If the cause of the inflammation was the stones formed in the bile in the result of malnutrition, these patients are not physicians and gastroenterologists, and surgeons.

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    When nausea and belching do not belong to the digestive system

    Отрыжка воздухом и тошнота — причины их появленияIn rare cases it is a combined failure of several organ systems that notes the symptoms, which at first glance should treat the digestive system of the body, but in fact it does not belong. Separately, dizziness, nausea, belching can occur when a malfunction of the nervous system. This condition occurs after injury or inflammation of the brain (encephalitis). The symptoms in these diseases is various, and the preliminary diagnosis is charged by the neurologist after the test.

    Treatment of any of the above processes are long and require the use of specific drugs. In each case, the medicinal substances are prescribed in accordance with the nature of the lesion. Their doctors recommend after a full survey. And, although the symptoms seem simple, self-treat without knowing the exact cause of their appearance is not desirable, and sometimes even harmful.