Belching bitter: causes, treatment

Causes of belching bitterness

The bitter taste felt by anyone who has ever in your life suffered from severe forms of acute viral infections. Long-term use of drugs also cause a similar symptom. And what are the causes of belching bitterness? Only a liver disease, like the flu, or interfere with all the digestive glands?

These problems bother almost every fifth person, and after 30 years, this probability increases. To prevent the appearance of belching bitterness need to know the causes of its appearance, and conduct timely treatment of diseases cause this symptom.

Biliary tract disease

Belching bitterness is primarily associated with gallbladder diseases. It also can be safely attributed to diseases that develop after its removal.

  1. Acute or chronic cholecystitis is inflammation of bile.
  2. Cholelithiasis is the same inflammatory process, but it is an irritation of the walls of stones formed in the body.
  3. Complex diseases under the common name postcholecystectomy syndrome, which include: residual gall bladder, foreign bodies of the biliary ducts, disturbance of motor function of the biliary tract.

These diseases cover several symptoms, including regurgitation of bile in the night. At this time of day there is a great likelihood of the bile in the stomach, as the natural protection is weakened. The reasons for the development of each disease is different, but symptoms are very similar.

  1. Pain in the right hypochondrium, which often give the right shoulder, in the arm. They are of varying intensity and character.
  2. Heartburn, belching, bitter taste in the mouth, nausea and vomiting bile.
  3. Bloating, slight increase of body temperature in acute General weakness.
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Sometimes the symptoms are not expressed or long the disease is asymptomatic, revealed a painful process only if you complete another survey.

Many of these diseases are caused by irritation of the mucous membrane of the gall bladder. The role of the stimulus act:

  • stones;
  • infection: viruses and bacteria;
  • pancreatic enzymes, by accident, through the common duct into the bladder.
  • All this causes spasm of the muscles of the gallbladder, which during the painful attack of bile gets into the duodenum and later in the stomach. The result is a bitter belching, and prolonged exposure to the stomach additionally leads to gastritis.

    Often provokes these diseases fatty and spicy foods. Therefore, the occurrence of regurgitation bile after eating is one of the signs of exacerbation of the disease.

    Liver disease

    Отрыжка горечью: причины, лечениеThe liver is the main digestive gland, whose functions are not limited only to participation in the processing of food. Her work is often directed against itself — disinfection of harmful substances to the body. Alcohol, drugs, infections, the liver passes through itself, and gradually such assistance «kills» itself on. Bitter belching after eating is a sign of destruction of hepatocytes (liver cells). Up to a certain point, the symptom does not bother a person, because cells are able to recover. But as soon as people got sick irreversible process, the symptoms begin to appear active.

    Among the diseases of the liver in which there is a feeling of bitterness in the mouth, the most common are the following:

  • chronic hepatitis (inflammation), including the virus;
  • medicinal and toxic liver damage;
  • cirrhosis (an irreversible process with a deeper disturbances in the cell structure).
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    Отрыжка горечью: причины, лечениеLead to these diseases, maybe as a conscious reluctance to deal with health and accidental ingestion of substances that caused a fulminant course of the process.

    Harmful compounds ingested, cause disease, like cholestasis — standstill of bile in the liver cells, where it is produced. Bile acid begins to act on its own healthy structure of the organ, gradually broken, the entire mechanism of processing the food, which ultimately is the cause of bitter burping.

    Medications, alcohol in large quantities, accidental ingestion of household chemicals or poison that will lead to the development of hepatitis or cirrhosis. Symptoms of diseases are diverse and depend on the stage of the disease. In General they can be reduced to the following most common.

    1. For diseases are characterized by bitter taste in the mouth, heartburn, and belching, nausea, vomiting.
    2. Yellowing of sclera of eyes, skin, the appearance of spider veins on the skin.
    3. Itching, sleep disturbance, weakness, fatigue, nervousness.
    4. Pain in the right upper quadrant occurs when an enlarged liver.
    5. Can be hair loss with the development of cirrhosis bleeding.

    Disease may long-term does not occur, and be detected at later stages, when symptoms are already visible to the naked eye.


    Отрыжка горечью: причины, лечениеEach of these disease processes delivers a lot of trouble, in addition to violations being. Diseases are frequently chronic and not always when you use medicines it is possible to achieve persistent and prolonged remission. The treatment of any disease is considered individually. To get rid of the symptom bitter belching can only cope with the disease.

    1. From the bitter belching bile in the inflammation of the gallbladder rid of with symptomatic drugs. You must determine the cause. Bacterial inflammation requires a course of antibiotics. In addition to these funds use painkillers, if necessary, cholagogue. No cost treatment without a strict diet with restriction of fatty spicy food.
    2. If stones are discovered, surgeons recommend to be more serious methods is shown operation.
    3. Treatment of viral hepatitis patients usually undergo annually in the hospital, where it is necessary to use antiviral agents, means for improving the immune system, drugs that protect liver cells.
    4. Cirrhosis of the liver difficult the treatment, specific therapy is available. Use of symptomatic drugs. For the prevention of gastrointestinal bleeding prescribed Beta-blockers. Use diuretics, substances protecting liver cells.
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    Burp bitterly, what it is and how the phenomenon to fight? In the case of the appearance of this symptom it is necessary to examine primarily the liver and gallbladder. And if there is a predisposition to the development of severe pathologies of these organs, do not forget to annually visit doctors.