Belching of air after eating: causes and treatment

Belching air after a meal

Each regularly recurring symptom is a symptom of any disease. For a good of getting rid of him is enough to pass examination and treatment. How to be single symptoms that occur rarely, but brings no less anxiety?

That could mean the belching air after a meal? In some cases, it appears what caused? And, most importantly, how to fight right?

Belching air after a meal due to improper eating behavior

Every day each person after eating belch is a normal phenomenon. During eating the air in a small amount is swallowed. People don’t notice it because in most cases, a distracted.

The accumulation of air in the stomach contributes to the normalization of muscle function of the digestive system. Formed in the process of eating the bladder irritates the walls of the digestive system, performing two main functions.

  1. Improves the functioning of glands, promoting development of gastric juice.
  2. Stimulates the muscle that helps push food.

Of frequent belching in the following situations:

  • during active conversation and eating;
  • if a person eats quickly;
  • food on the move also contributes to the appearance of regurgitation.
  • Отрыжка воздухом после еды: причины и лечениеSimilar situations arise for everyone every day. Food on the go, while chatting and exotic spicy food in the diet is an integral part of the lives of today’s active busy person.

    A large accumulation of air in the stomach leads to constant belching. At the beginning of the appearance of the symptom we are not talking about any disease or malfunction of the digestive system. It’s just a result of inappropriate behavior during the meal.

    How to get rid of belching air after a meal due to improper eating behavior? In this case, no need to sit through large queue to a specialist, take medication and adhere to complex treatment regimens non-existent pathologies. Correction of behavior during eating — is the mainstay of treatment of this unpleasant symptom.

    1. There is a need to slowly, without undue haste.
    2. It is forbidden to eat on the go, while Jogging or doing sports.
    3. Together with a nutritionist to find the optimal menu, after which the belching air stop bothering.

    Belching air after a meal because food preferences

    All the products in its effect on health. The digestive system is the first on the way of receipt of food in the human body and the right mix of products depends on how comfortable we feel.

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    Causes frequent belching after eating due to certain preferences of food choice:

  • Отрыжка воздухом после еды: причины и лечениеa rich spicy foods can result in burping;
  • the consumption of carbonated drinks is yet another cause of belching, especially after eating;
  • if people often chew gum;
  • burp will bother, if a person eats fruits and vegetables immediately after a meal.
  • Spicy food promotes the production of excessive gastric juice that is nowhere to spend. It causes contraction of the muscles of the stomach and the initial division of the small intestine. As the air in a small amount comes from food or while talking in the stomach when eating spicy food occurs belching air.

    If you eat fruits and vegetables immediately after a meal — will happen the same. Raw fruits and vegetables contribute to the formation and secretion of gastric juice. After eating it had nowhere to drain, so your rumbling stomach is not always a sign of a normally functioning digestive system. Constant belching air after a meal will bother someone if you don’t follow the rules of healthy eating.

    Fans of carbonated beverages is also doomed to such a symptom. Gas in beverages is an additional flow of air into the digestive system. It does not matter whether it is mineral water or colored carbonated beverages. With the help of a burp, the body tries to get rid of excess air, which in excess interferes with normal work.

    How to get rid of this burping air after eating?

    1. Отрыжка воздухом после еды: причины и лечениеMineral water without gas, and from painted soda will have to give up for a long time.
    2. In the rules of the diet says that raw vegetables and fruits you need to eat 30-60 minutes before a meal. If you eat after the allotted time developed gastric juice consumed on incoming products and will not contribute to increased flatulence. Obsessive belching air will disappear.
    3. For those who like to chew gum, too, will have to remember one important point — it can be chewed before meals and only for a few minutes. But it is better to completely get rid of this habit.
    4. Can not overeating, to get up from the table you need with the feeling of incomplete satiety. A General rule for all problems of the digestive system, including burping air, applies in this situation, even when no disease is frequent smaller meals without the use of harmful products.
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    Simple, yet effective tips will help get rid of heavy belching air after a meal. Of course, if you want to enjoy your favourite soft drink or once a month to eat a special dish with the addition of spices — you can not afford to refuse. Rare straying from the rules will not aggravate the situation. But we must remember that the systematic use of food and drinks that can cause burping, can lead to the development of diseases of the stomach. In this case, this symptom will become more pronounced and will be disturbed regardless of the behavior and diet.

    Belching air after a meal due to nervous disorders

    What are the causes of burping air after eating and their treatment?

    There is some truth in the famous phrase — all diseases of the nerves. Various neurological disorders lead to this symptom. These include:

  • Отрыжка воздухом после еды: причины и лечениеneurosis — a condition in which air is swallowed regularly, regardless of meals, adherence to food and talking while eating, people with OCD suffer frequent belching and after eating, and at any time;
  • temporary pronounced stressful situation in a person’s life can also lead to this symptom, most often it concerned emotional women;
  • people with congenital abnormalities of the nervous system often complain of belching after a meal.
  • In this case, get rid of the appearance of frequent belching happens only when treatment of the underlying disease. To work with such patients have a neurologist or psychologist. Will not help diet and taking drugs that protect the digestive system. Treatment will consist of a light sedative herbal substances or potent drugs that affect the nervous system. In some cases, does not help even long-term treatment.

    Belching after eating in an infant

    Отрыжка воздухом после еды: причины и лечениеAll moms remember the appearance of belching in newborn babies after feeding. According to the recommendations of pediatricians, within 10-15 minutes after eating, the child should be held upright, to out air, which the baby swallowed during the meal.

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    This is not a breakdown — just a child does not know how to eat right, pauses, distracted by extraneous stimuli, crying during feeding. All this leads to swallowing of air. Pills will not help. Only the correct behavior of moms and loved ones to save the day.

    1. Not to distract mom and baby during feeding.
    2. Nutrition moms should be balanced to the child enough food.
    3. The baby needs to eat, we can’t let him fall asleep hungry.

    In rare cases, constant belching air is the result of a disease received by the child more during pregnancy. Then treatment involved neurologist.

    Burp air from diseases of the digestive system

    Отрыжка воздухом после еды: причины и лечениеWhat other reason after eating is belching air and how to deal with it? The bulk of the gastrointestinal tract associated with specific symptoms, but burp air is not characteristic for most of them. Only in the case of uncomplicated diaphragmatic hernia of the person can disturb this Intrusive symptom.

    The diaphragm is a muscle that serves as a border between the abdominal and thoracic cavities. It passes the esophagus. Sometimes part of the stomach or esophagus can affect this muscle. One of the first symptoms that is constantly bothering people is the belching air while eating, before or after it.

    To cure hiccups, appear for uncomplicated diaphragmatic hernias need operative treatment.

    Belching air may be the result of malnutrition or the first sign of incipient disease. In any case, if this symptom occurs frequently, it cannot be ignored. The most simple and accessible methods will help to get rid of it and maintain good health for a long time.