Belching rotten eggs: causes, how to get rid of

Causes belching rotten eggs

  • What to do to get rid of belching rotten eggs
  • According to doctors, belching rotten eggs can be not only after excessive consumption of meat or heavy protein products. This symptom is observed in diseases of the digestive system or conditions that lead to such processes.

    What disease can be assumed if within several days the person concerned about this nuisance? And, most importantly, how to fight it?

    The causes of burping with the smell of rotten eggs

    This unpleasant odor with stagnation in the digestive system. Normal after receipt of food in the body consistently, begin to include mechanisms for its processing. Thanks to what is going on?

    1. During the transit time of foods in the mouth, starts stimulates production of gastric juice for further processing.
    2. Thanks to the well-established mechanism of work of the muscles of the digestive system, food ball moves through the esophagus into the stomach.
    3. Already there begins the breakdown and decontamination of food bolus.
    4. Then the food goes into the first part of the small intestine — into the duodenum, where the secreted bile to more serious and almost final processing of ingested food.

    Why belch rotten eggs? Violation of any one processed food in individually or all at once will lead to stagnation of food in the body, their slower digestion and a failure in the system. Food moves very slowly or stands at the spot. Gradually, the fermentation products are harmful substances, belch hydrogen sulfide, putrid breath, pain, nausea and vomiting.

    Just need to find out what disease or condition will lead to stagnation of food. In fact, similar symptoms appear in many diseases.

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    Belching rotten eggs due to gastric dyspepsia

    A disease that deserves attention is functional dyspepsia. Translation of «dyspepsia» refers to a disorder of digestion. This process is chronic, and the diagnosis will be done after the exclusion of other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, if within 12 weeks of the year the person was worried about some unpleasant symptoms. To complain that people suffering from this disease?

    1. Worried about nausea.
    2. Feeling of fullness of the stomach immediately after a meal.
    3. Swelling.

    In the long process indigestion will also cause the development of rotten egg burps. What may cause this disease?

    1. Diseases of the upper gastrointestinal tract (peptic ulcer disease, GERD).
    2. Endocrine pathology — diabetes mellitus, thyroid problem.
    3. If the person is long course or life forced to take some groups of drugs: antidepressants, theophylline, calcium channel blockers, iron preparations.
    4. Rarely, problems with the digestive glands also play a role in the development of gastric dyspepsia.

    Belching rotten eggs due to gastritis and gastric ulcer

    The inflammatory process in the mucosa of stomach, duodenal ulcer or ulcerative lesions of these organs lead to the violation of their work. Not everyone is just trying to get rid of the problem, even regularly experiencing pain, heaviness and nausea. In the best case on the advice of friends or relatives suffering the patient will take their drugs, but not for long, before the first relief.

    Отрыжка тухлыми яйцами: причины, как избавитьсяThis is the biggest mistake to rely on a Fluke. As soon as the process is running, stretches a series of new troubles. Treated gastritis, peptic ulcer will not cause trouble. But neglected diseases, combined with the lack of attention to your body, will lead to the violation of their functions. They can also cause burping rotten eggs. Food is moved more slowly, and owing to its constant stagnation are gases, there is a putrid odor or hydrogen sulfide.

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    Belching rotten eggs because of other troubles with digestion

    Another problem in which you receive the rotten egg smell when belching is a low production of enzymes. A considerable role is given to inflammation of the gallbladder and pancreas. In the gallbladder accumulates bile acids, which are then portioned at admission food stand and participate in further processing of the bolus.

    The pancreas is an organ where produced enzymes to break down proteins, complex carbohydrates and fats.

    Inflammation of these organs contributes to:

  • overeating;
  • oily and spicy food;
  • the gallbladder stones;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • violation of the diet.
  • Diarrhea and burping rotten eggs will start in advanced stages of these diseases. Loose stools due to poor processing of food, and belching occurs when prolonged stagnation of food in the upper intestine. These symptoms do not appear after a week of illness, is often extremely neglected cases.

    Belching rotten eggs due to improper nutrition

    Отрыжка тухлыми яйцами: причины, как избавитьсяHolidays, irregular meals, the prevalence of protein — may also be the cause of the burping of rotten eggs. Natural intestinal flora is not accustomed to a plentiful intake of meat products. And during the meal on the table mainly such food. If the food is balanced, has plenty of digestive fibre, then the intestines works best.

    The protein and fats in excess lead to disruption of the microflora, and congestion in the colon will disrupt the functioning of the upper gastrointestinal tract. That is why nutritionists recommend a diet with only one kind of nutrients (proteins, fats or carbohydrates). The food must be balanced.

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    What to do to get rid of belching rotten eggs

    What to do if there is burping of rotten eggs? Who to contact and how to save the body?

    Отрыжка тухлыми яйцами: причины, как избавитьсяFor starters, do not panic. You need to carefully analyze the last days and remember all the food, which had to nourish your body. Errors in eating are eliminated interim lightweight power. Should give preference to vegetable food, to avoid overloading the digestive system with heavy foods. After a few days you can gradually introduce familiar dishes.

    If a welcome relief does not come, should go to the doctor. Primary care physician consistently will tell what research will need to pass.

    How to get rid of the burping rotten eggs? Need to cure or cause stable remission the disease, which has led to this «running» symptom. And if before the belching rotten eggs the course of treatment could be only a few days, now will have to be treated in some cases for months.

    And don’t forget about the prevention of chronic diseases of the digestive system. To do this, enough every year to be observed by the therapist.