Belching with pancreatitis — causes of this symptom

Belching with pancreatitis

Familiar to many old-timers are familiar manifestation of pancreatitis in a pronounced girdling pain, stool problems and weight loss for a long time in the past. Also, like all the other classic symptoms of many diseases of the digestive system, they have undergone significant changes.

As in our time looks inflammation of the pancreas? What diseases can affect the development of this process and whether there is belching with pancreatitis? Today we will talk about little known facts of this disease and few symptoms.


Which leads to the inflammation of the pancreas

One of the important reasons for the development of pancreatitis — a wrong diet. It is important to note some peculiarities, because the pancreas can react to absolutely any product. In addition to food, in the process of inflammation involved, and diseases of neighboring organs.

What can cause pancreatitis?

  1. The abuse of alcohol. Daily drinking alcohol will lead to the development of the disease only after 10-15 years depending on the amount of alcohol consumed. But if both drink alcohol and eat fatty foods it inflammation guaranteed, so there is often acute pancreatitis.
  2. The second cause of inflammation — the formation of gallstones. They violate the outflow of pancreatic enzymes, which begin to act on the pancreas itself, leading to its inflammation. In this case, even after gallbladder removal can disturb belching, pain, nausea and vomiting and many other signs of chronic pancreatic disease.
  3. Tumor or stenosis (narrowing) of the duct through which out of bile and enzymes that break down the food.
  4. Отрыжка при панкреатите — причины этого симптомаThe pancreas does not like the abundance of sharp, smoked, fatty and acidic foods. Often lead to the exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis citrus fruits, raw vegetables and fruits in large quantity. Bananas, fat dairy products will cause not only heartburn, but also exacerbate the disease.
  5. Was the occurrence of inflammation after suffering a severe viral infection.
  6. The beginning of the development of the disease process contributes to the use of hormonal drugs, the use of immunosuppressants, use of Clonidine, tetracycline and some diuretics medicines.
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Inflammatory process develops due to the obstruction of gland ducts. Therefore, generated within the enzymes begin to act on the pancreas itself, leading to disease. It progresses gradually, and the slow process it is often difficult to diagnose because the typical symptoms for it are not typical. For example, belching with pancreatitis is the most common symptom, this symptom is often chronic running diseases.

All symptoms of pancreatitis

The main clinical manifestations of pancreatitis depend on duration of disease and causes of disease. The occurrence of acute process often begins with a painful shock. When this happens:

  • Отрыжка при панкреатите — причины этого симптомаsharp constant increasing pain radiating to the back, the spine, surrounding nature;
  • persistent vomiting, not bringing relief;
  • sometimes a man is worried about hiccups;
  • often the skin appear red spots;
  • regurgitation in acute pancreatitis is rare.
  • People moan from pain and often take a forced posture with the legs.

    Chronic process is more relaxed. The manifestations are not so pronounced, and disturb the person only in the period of exacerbation. But in recent years, the symptoms often resemble other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as it rarely ever runs the full course of treatment if you experience the first signs of damage to the gland. The disease is muted and displays it each time more difficult to recognize. What ails the man?

    1. Отрыжка при панкреатите — причины этого симптомаTenderness in the epigastrium, right or left upper quadrant, depending on the location of the inflammatory process in the prostate. Sometimes the pain is on the right, nausea and belching occur as in liver disease. To distinguish between such similar diseases helps ultrasound diagnostics and biochemical analysis of blood.
    2. Violation of the chair due to the lack of enzymes, food processing. Appear constipation alternating with loose stools, concerned about the swelling.
    3. Loss of appetite, appears belching chronic pancreatitis, nausea, heartburn, and rarely in the later period may be vomiting.
    4. Profuse salivation, weakness, fatigue, and sleep disturbance.
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    Gradually, if left untreated, the inflammation can worsen the condition of skin and hair.

    There is often only one or two symptoms, which is difficult to understand what is the disease that is bothering the person. In such cases the diagnosis can only be experienced specialist.

    Belching inflammation of the glands is the result of stagnation in the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, the organism to cope with the processing of incoming dietary fiber since it is not allocated a sufficient amount of enzymes for proper absorption of products. The problem arises due to the accumulation of excess gas in the stomach.

    A combination of symptoms such as nausea, pain, heartburn, belching air, sometimes with pancreatitis, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach or duodenal ulcers and many other diseases of the digestive system.

    Diagnosis is simple if you pay attention to small unusual manifestations of the disease. At occurrence of difficulty it is better to consult a specialist. Then forget about the disease can be long-lasting.