Burp acetone: causes, treatment

Belching with a smell of acetone

The appearance of regurgitation is not always the result of a normal physiological phenomenon or lesion of the digestive system, in very rare cases, it indicates a malfunction of other systems. And the symptom unusual odor may be cause of damage of vital organs, with which the strength to cope only to specialists.

Belching acetone, which is a sign of neglect of diseases of the endocrine system or problems with the kidneys? Whether it is education, after attempting to try another new-fangled diet? Why do I get the smell of acetone? In any case, it appears unusual burping and what to do if it happened to you? The causes of burping with acetone will be discussed below.

Belching with a smell of acetone because of poor nutrition

One of the most common reasons a burp at a young age — diet. If it is not easy for another attempt to lose some weight for the summer period and focused diet with a sharp restriction of any nutrients. Sometimes unintended consequences lead single component of the diet, when the diet is to eat only proteins or certain carbohydrates.

It is worth mentioning the dangers of such an attempt, «to their health». For the full development and functioning of all body systems with food inside should do proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins in the correct percentage. If it decreases the amount of one of these components — the body is still somehow compensates for this minor deficiency. But if you completely restrict the flow of 1-2 of the above elements is disrupted all systems. The body compensates for their loss by splitting the existing reserves (fat or muscle), converting one substance to another. Such chemical reactions occur difficult. This is the cause of belching acetone, which occurs long after the introduction of such a diet.

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Anorexic girls are not uncommon. Passers-by look at them with interest and with pity. Because only health care providers know about all of the dangerous consequences of this attempt to lose weight. These people are exhausted with hunger so that the suffering of every body, the metabolism and inhibited the function of each system. Do not bypass the disease side and the digestive system. Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, duodenum, impaired their function is the processing and assimilation of food. Belch, and, as it dramatically worsened the metabolic work of the liver and kidneys, this symptom may be accompanied by the smell of acetone.

Belching with a smell of acetone because of the complications of diabetes

Отрыжка ацетоном: причины, лечениеEven in our time there are many neglected diseases, when people know their health problems, but not seek to avoid them or reduce. Diabetes one of those diseases that requires constant supervision from doctors and regular medication. If you do not meet these conditions — perhaps the development of complications. One of them is diabetic ketoacidosis. It is an acute complication in which sharply increases the level of glucose and ketone bodies in the blood, disturbed electrolyte metabolism, appears dehydrated. Causing belching the smell of acetone and this substance in the exhaled air.

The reasons for the development of ketoacidosis:

  • the acute beginning of diabetes;
  • self-termination of treatment of diabetes with insulin;
  • severe stress, surgery and infection in these patients.
  • The main reason for the increase of ketone bodies — reduction of insulin in the blood. What from excess fatty acids in the liver are formed in a large number of such substances. This symptom develops on one of the last stages of ketoacidosis when the person no longer responds to surrounding changes, but complete loss of consciousness yet. Belching with a smell of acetone is one of the important prognostic indicators.

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    Belching with a smell of acetone because of kidney failure

    Отрыжка ацетоном: причины, лечениеRenal failure is characterized by reduced excretory function of the kidneys, leading to malfunction of internal organs. Causes of developing this disease:

  • kidney disease (pyelonephritis, polycystic disease);
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • the use of certain medication;
  • genetic predisposition.
  • Marvel at the structural elements of the kidney (tubules, glomeruli), but, as they perform one of the stages of purification and excretion of unwanted substances from the body, changes in their work affects the whole body.

    Symptoms varied, not least is the oppression of the gastrointestinal tract. Decreased appetite, nausea, belching with a smell of acetone vomiting.

    Treatment of belching with the smell of acetone

    The appearance of unusual burping acetone shows a deep lesion of the internal organs! To cure such a symptom is not enough to simply correct diagnosis. Any of the above pathologies treated for a long time, influencing the very cause of the problem. Complications of diabetes correct only in a hospital.

    When kidney failure in the first stages, used medical therapy (using drugs that reduce pressure) in the later period prescribed hemodialysis.

    Eliminating diet people can gradually restore body functions, and anorexia for a long time treated in conjunction with psychiatrists.

    Every disease, belching acetone — the result of violations of all systems and metabolism. Therefore, treatment is often lengthy and not always successful. Better to not bring up such problems!