Burping during pregnancy: causes, how to get rid of

Causes of belching during pregnancy and how to get rid of it

  • The causes of burping air during pregnancy due to disease
  • The treatment of regurgitation during pregnancy, a symptom of disease
  • Belching as a result of changes in the body during pregnancy
  • How to get rid of burping during pregnancy
  • Pregnancy is associated with many carefree period when the work is sent to additional leave, the woman allows herself a little more popular products, but its most important task is the constant monitoring by the doctor. Well if it was actually. Men find it difficult to understand the opposite side of the coin, when during pregnancy swollen feet, mood changes, nausea, heartburn and belching.

    Why do I get burping during pregnancy? What are the most common reasons and how to get rid of it?

    The causes of burping in the absence of digestive diseases

    Belching does not always indicate problems in the body. This is a normal natural reaction to the introduction of air into the stomach during eating or speaking. The residue thus removed. Belching is not considered a symptom of any disease, if it happens about ten times a day.

    Causes of belching in pregnancy can be following.

    1. Eating while walking.
    2. Often a quick snack.
    3. Improper diet that contains excess fat, only vegetables or fruits, the abundance of sweet food, poor nutrition (food without complying with the schedule of the meal).
    4. Отрыжка при беременности: причины, как избавитьсяBurp air when pregnancy happens in rare cases in the period of hormonal changes in a woman’s body, some argue that this is an indirect sign of pregnancy.
    5. Intrusive and constant symptom will disturb a pregnant woman with the specific reaction of the nervous system. Very sensitive women sometimes react to any stimuli. Pregnancy is no exception. Sometimes hormonal changes to the mothers can result in undesirable health effects.

    How to understand what this option is burp bother a pregnant woman?

    1. If the symptom is non-Intrusive, easily passes after normalization of the diet and the regime.
    2. The woman before pregnancy was not chronic diseases of the digestive system.

    How to get rid of the usual burp

    How to cope with this symptom in such cases? What is the treatment of regurgitation in pregnancy should be if its appearance is not associated with diseases of the digestive system? It’s very simple:

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  • Отрыжка при беременности: причины, как избавитьсяcorrect mode of the day;
  • rational balanced varied diet;
  • you need to eliminate snacking on the go;
  • in some cases, it is recommended to pay more attention to their emotional state.
  • But just in case consult a doctor need. In this case there is no need to take tablets or suspensions against burping — they will not help as it does not have anything to act.

    The causes of burping air during pregnancy due to disease

    Belching during early pregnancy appears at exacerbation of existing conditions in a woman’s body and due to temporary hormonal changes.

    Another reasons for the occurrence of undesirable symptom are diseases of the digestive system. Women acquire them during pregnancy itself is a reminder of past problems. Any chronic disease can worsen during the next of stress. Despite the coming great event — the long-awaited birth of the child, during pregnancy troubles. The mother’s immunity is much weaker, the body is under additional load, and all systems start to be reconstructed for work in the strengthened mode. At this time, chronic diseases make themselves known.

    What diseases accompanied by belching, aggravated?

    1. Belching rotten eggs during pregnancy is a sign of stagnation in the digestive system, which is often observed in chronic pancreatitis, gall bladder disease. Why? for the amount of food that enters the body due to the inflammation important glands is not produced or is not allocated the right amount of enzymes. Raw food stagnates and accumulates in the stomach. It is observed decay products, the release of hydrogen sulfide, which leads to the appearance of belching with the smell of rotten eggs.
    2. Отрыжка при беременности: причины, как избавитьсяSour belching during pregnancy also happens during exacerbation of diseases of the digestive system. It is an inflammation of the stomach, duodenal or peptic ulcer disease these organs. The disease may appear for the first time, and the reasons are systematic, improper nutrition, bacteria, or severe stress. In any case, inflammation of the mucous membrane will be felt including in the form of burping.
    3. Nausea and burping during pregnancy, bitter taste in mouth, pain in the right hypochondrium is observed during exacerbation of diseases of the liver and gallbladder. The stagnation of bile, delayed its development, or the violation of the outflow will manifest all the above symptoms.
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    The treatment of regurgitation during pregnancy, a symptom of disease

    How to cure all these diseases when a woman is in position? Often the answer is not known even by the doctors, because many of these diseases during pregnancy pills are not assigned. Previously available therapies become forbidden, as it may affect the child’s development.

    What can and should be done in these situations? The best treatment is prevention. If pregnancy is planned — need to examine the digestive system. In case of acute illness or unstable remission, the woman must undergo a preventive treatment.

    How to get rid of belching in pregnancy if the problem arose from the awakened diseases of the digestive system? All things to help the expectant mother — to diet, the correct mode of the day and frequent smaller meals.

    Отрыжка при беременности: причины, как избавитьсяYes, the list of acceptable products will have to Tinker to find the best. Everyone knows that during pregnancy can dramatically change taste preferences. Perhaps in this case it is necessary to consult with a nutritionist. Drugs that normalize liver and gall bladder that are permitted during pregnancy apply:

  • «Artihol»;
  • «Essentiale Forte»;
  • «Hofitol».
  • They will help if you experience belching. But any of these medicines prescribed by a doctor after a full examination and valid survey. It is necessary to determine the cause to properly affect unpleasant symptom without harming the child.

    Belching as a result of changes in the body during pregnancy

    Отрыжка при беременности: причины, как избавитьсяCould it be burping a sign of pregnancy? Sometimes pregnant women are in charge of such Association. In the early stages do changes happen in a woman’s body, strong hormonal changes that affect every organ. But burp when this occurs, not every woman, so reliable signs of pregnancy, this symptom can not be attributed.

    More burping during pregnancy in the later stages. What changes in a woman’s body says this symptom?

    1. Induces the production of progesterone hormone, which relaxes smooth muscles. This is needed has a positive effect on the pregnancy, but relaxes important muscles of the digestive system. The lower esophageal sphincter also relaxes. At this time, the food and the air trapped in the stomach can travel back into the esophagus — belch.
    2. Gradually growing uterus, which shifts all the organs of the digestive system. She presses the stomach and the esophagus. If the woman eats everything indiscriminately or eat large portions at once — it is not immune to the occurrence of undesirable symptoms such as belching, heartburn.
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    Belching and heartburn during pregnancy occur due to weakening of the muscle of the esophagus. In the last trimester is especially felt, and almost every woman complains of such symptoms.

    How to get rid of burping during pregnancy

    How to help get rid of the symptoms of belching pregnant woman?

    1. Отрыжка при беременности: причины, как избавитьсяNeed proper diet with the exception of everything that leads to weakening of the lower esophageal sphincter (spicy food, acidic foods, carbonated drinks, coffee, desserts).
    2. Can not bend down after eating, sleep, run — it will lead to heartburn and belching.
    3. Food must be fractional, but the frequent (four to five times a day).
    4. Proper sleep, rest and absence of stressful situations in the life of the pregnant woman helps to significantly reduce these symptoms.

    Why often women pregnancy is associated with something unpleasant and sometimes does not occur more desire to re-birth, despite the entreaties of the man she loved? Causes all concomitant diseases that can disturb a woman when carrying a child. Strong belching in pregnancy also occurs and is often symptomatic of the deterioration of the internal organs. How to get rid of this problem — find and eliminate the cause.