Can GERD eat tomatoes and potatoes

Can GERD eat tomatoes and potatoes

Elena asks the doctor.

Good day! My husband has GERD, the doctor, among others, have banned the use of tomatoes and starch. And your website says that the tomatoes without skin, and jelly, and potatoes, and their starch. Or it depends on the course of disease?

The answer of the doctor about nutrition with GERD

Hello, Elena!

In most cases, the tomatoes really do with the worsening GERD. This vegetable in its raw form can irritate the esophageal mucosa. So the doctor you banned. But some patients tolerate it well during the exacerbation, if properly prepared — sweet types of tomatoes are best consumed in baked and peeled.

As for the starch — jelly, and potatoes are not excluded during meals with GERD, but, on the contrary, they are included in the list of acceptable products. Even potato juice is recommended to drink to reduce the acidity, as it acts almost like an antacid. Many will work. But everyone’s diet is individual. And maybe in your case the doctor suggested that this component will exacerbate the disease.

Diet is always individual. The fact that one and the same item in one patient will cause a marked exacerbation, and the other will not cause any harm. To exclude or to Supplement the diet sometimes the patient (within reasonable limits), after talking with a specialist. You need to watch your health and watch how the body reacts to this or that product. Of course, this isn’t a list of products that are absolutely not acceptable in GERD. To enter the forbidden foods after the treatment also should gradually.

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In recent years, diet is constantly undergoing some changes. The best way to pick it up — individual work with a practicing professional.