Diet for GERD with esophagitis – what can and can’t eat, sample menu

Diet for GERD with esophagitis

  • The difference in diets for GERD
  • Sample menu in GERD with esophagitis
  • Every disease brings about changes in habitual way of life: the period of treatment to change the mode of work and rest, sometimes you have to take medication, and for many patients, the most unpleasant — is a necessary diet.

    With regard to such diseases as GERD with symptoms of esophagitis, the only way to be cured, not just temporarily mute the disease is long and strictly follow the doctor’s instructions regarding diet. Even seemingly minor differences in food, can make a significant contribution to the recovery. How to forget about an embarrassing ailment? And what is the diet in this case? Learn about everything in detail.

    The reasons go on a diet for GERD with esophagitis

    The main goal of treatment of any disease of the digestive system — to obtain permanent and long-lasting remission (a period without exacerbation of the disease process). Nutrition plays an important role. For many diseases of the esophagus and gastrointestinal tract must respect the principles of cooking and serving dishes. But why doctors emphasize diet in GERD with esophagitis? What is the difference?

    To answer this question we should first understand the disease. In addition to regular reflux (this is the reverse reflux of food or stomach contents into the esophagus as a result of poor sminaemosti the lower esophageal muscle sphincter) complicates the course of the disease and marked inflammation of the mucosa of the esophagus (esophagitis phenomenon).

    Because of this heartburn and chest pain the person often worried, often even after regular drinking. Therefore, to facilitate the disease and accelerate the emergence of stable remission, it is recommended to switch to a therapeutic diet with special conditions of cooking and serving dishes.

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    The basics of feeding and preparation of meals for GERD with esophagitis

    1. Диета при ГЭРБ с эзофагитом – что можно и нельзя есть, примерное менюCareful handling of products — they should be steamed, boiled or stew at least twice a week to eat baked meals.
    2. The temperature of the cooked food should fluctuate in the range of 30-40 °C, so as not to cause irritation of the esophagus.
    3. Five or six meals, the last meal should be no later than 19.30–20.00.
    4. The food load is best done in the morning.
    5. No dry and quick snacks: food on the go, sandwiches for lunch and fast food restaurants are canceled, especially in the period of exacerbation.
    6. We should not forget about General principles of diet for diseases of the digestive system eliminate spicy food, alcohol, carbonated beverages, pickles and smoked chocolate.
    7. Not allowed to eat during active rest.

    What you need to eliminate from the diet

    Диета при ГЭРБ с эзофагитом – что можно и нельзя есть, примерное менюWith the development of GERD with esophagitis diet — a prerequisite of the treatment process. It is not necessary to consume food with this disease:

  • fatty foods in any form: cheese, butter, mayonnaise, bacon, canned meat, fatty and sinewy meats, poultry with the skin;
  • excluded smoked and salted fish, canned food;
  • hard cooked and fried eggs;
  • corn and pearl barley, peas and beans, mushrooms;
  • sour foods: yogurt, fermented baked milk, fat sour cream, cheese sauces, ketchup, mustard;
  • radishes, firm varieties of cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes with the skin on, turnips, exotic fruit and vegetables, bananas (often cause heartburn), quince — many plant products in its raw form lead to the attack of retrosternal pain, so they are served only in ready — baked, boiled;
  • soups and borsch on the meat broth;
  • any sharp extractive products: dry-cured sausage, fast food (noodles, soup, porridge with condiments, potato), irritating spices;
  • with a sweet almost have to stop, honey in dissolved form in tea, jam is not desirable (irritates the mucous membranes of the esophagus), chocolate and ice cream, candy and cakes too.
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    The difference in diets for GERD

    Here first of all interested in the difference between diet for GERD with esophagitis and without it. Eating habits if there is an inflammatory process of the esophagus is small, but they are.

    1. More gentle temperature. Preferably a warm food and drink.
    2. The course of treatment is 3-4 weeks, and a minimum of 2 months, with a gradual introduction of some products.
    3. Throughout this period, the preference should be given to cereals, vegetables and fruits in puree form.
    4. Sugary foods you must exclude to the maximum, so as not to injure the esophagus.

    Sample menu in GERD with esophagitis

    As from minimum capacity to prepare decent meals?

    The word diet is usually associated with something that severely restrict freedom, so often the very need of such treatment is perceived without proper enthusiasm.

    Диета при ГЭРБ с эзофагитом – что можно и нельзя есть, примерное менюIn fact, everything is not so terrible. And this is at first glance a minimum of the products you can find not only useful but also favorite.

    1. Breakfast can vary baked cheesecakes or sandwiches with homemade pate and a salad of vegetables, dairy porridge with dried fruit.
    2. For lunch you can apply sour yogurt with fruit jelly fresh fruit boiled with green tea.
    3. For lunch, be sure soup (creamy) of pureed vegetables carrot, potato broth with the addition of cooked meat and spices from fresh herbs. The second will suit boiled potatoes with meatballs in milk sauce and the juice of sour berries.
    4. The snack should be nutritious — serve the pumpkin and Apple mousse with biscuits and stewed fruit, baked apples with cheese and honey.
    5. For dinner prepare fish baked with carrots and greens with just a small amount of rice or noodles with boiled eggs.
    6. Second dinner must be late — Cup of milk with yesterday’s white bread.
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    Perhaps at first glance, the menu seems too bland, but if you wish, and the right preparation it can also be diversified. The choice of food is unlimited, they just have to learn how to serve. To help there are always specialists-nutritionists who will help to find even in such a small amount of healthy food tasty and appealing for the stomach meals.