Erosion cardio foundling Department, duodeno-gastric reflux

Erosion cardio foundling Department, duodeno-gastric reflux

Komiljon asks.

Hello! I’m from Uzbekistan. My name is on. I had erosion cardio foundling Department and duodeno-gastric reflux. The operation was performed in 1990 vagotomy with fundoplication. Now I have somewhere an hour after eating, right side weak stomach starts burning, and if you don’t eat then the burning intensified. Although all diets observed. What would you recommend to do, where to be treated? Thanks in advance.

The answer of the doctor.

Hello, On.

Even after the operation of vagotomy is no 100% chance that will not develop other problems with the digestive system. In addition, no one is safe from complications, even several decades after surgery.

Correct multiple meals, restricted diet provoking the secretion of gastric juice products, will not rule out other factors influencing the development of diseases of the stomach and small intestine. Such as emotional stress, bacterial infection, decreased immune defenses of the body.

To appropriate and timely treatment should be fully examined and to consult with the attending physician, including a surgeon.

In this case, pass a standard examination:

  • General blood and urine tests;
  • be sure to biochemical analysis;
  • fibrogastroduodenoscopy;
  • Ultrasound examination of abdominal cavity;
  • electrocardiogram for a more complete diagnosis of diseases of the heart;
  • radiographic examination of the stomach with contrast.
  • After setting the diagnosis the doctor can recommend drugs to improve well-being.

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