Ezofagospazm: what it is, causes, symptoms, treatment

Ezofagospazm of the esophagus

It is believed that disease of the esophagus is a disruption of any part of the digestive system. Many people mistakenly believe that disease of this organ appear eating disorders. It is not always correct. For example, such a painful process, as ezofagospazm of the esophagus is not only the result of a failure of the gastrointestinal tract. It appears with concomitant diseases including.

In very severe cases this complication is a frequent comorbidity of the esophagus and stomach, GERD. One high risk of this disease and how it manifests itself? Is there any chance to get rid of ezofagospazm of the esophagus or is it incurable?

Causes of ezofagospazm of the esophagus

Violation of motor function of the esophagus is the cause of development of pain in the chest in 25-30% of cases. Spastic disorders observed in the case of 10 swallowing movements occur with spasm of the musculature of two or more.

What is ezofagospazm? It is spontaneous or caused by swallowing contraction of the muscles of the body, which is characterized by a simultaneous onset, long duration and re-occurrence.

Conventionally, the causes of diseases can be summarized into three large groups:

  • ezofagospazm caused by diseases of the digestive system;
  • with the defeat of the Central nervous system (brain diseases);
  • problem with the peripheral nervous system.
  • In addition, can be primary (idiopathic or of unknown etiology) and secondary esophagospasm.

    The main reason for the development of spastic muscle contractions of the esophagus — the disruption of his nervous system, which is:

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  • Эзофагоспазм: что это такое, причины, симптомы, лечениеafter a head injury;
  • when polio;
  • with the development of stroke;
  • often the disease develops due to a brain tumor;
  • ezofagospazm develops in lesions of the vagus nerve and nerve plexus of the esophagus;
  • frequent emotional stress, alcoholism and diabetes mellitus, if untreated, will also lead to the emergence of disorders of the esophagus;
  • in rare cases, radiation exposure could be the cause.
  • Also ezofagospazm of the esophagus can occur as a complication of reflux esophagitis. This process occurs with gastroesophageal reflux disease. Easy controlled for GERD will not be complicated with spasm of the muscles. But with the rapid progression of the process, when formation of deep ulcers with lesions of the nervous tissue — ezofagospazm is evolving at lightning speed.

    Not last role is played by a psychological component in the development of the disease. In 40-60% of cases of people suffering from ezofagospazm of the esophagus, observed abnormal emotional nature: feelings, depression, frequent unreasonable temper. So in many cases we are talking about the combined causes of esophagospasm.

    Symptoms of esophageal ezofagospazm

    Эзофагоспазм: что это такое, причины, симптомы, лечениеThe first symptom in ezofagospazm, which will experience a sick person — non-permanent dysphagia (impaired swallowing). It is paradoxical in nature: the difficulty a person experiences is more due to the ingestion of liquids, but solid food brings pronounced discomfort.

    An important diagnostic symptom of the disease — spastic pain in the chest. They often resemble symptoms of retrosternal angina (chronic heart disease). But the difference is that triggers their physical activity, and eating or emotional stress.

    There are several variants of ezofagospazm:

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  • diffuse spasm of the esophagus;
  • and «Nutcracker esophagus».
  • At first, there is simultaneous contraction of many groups of muscle fibers of the esophagus, but they are weak. The second type is accompanied by a more pronounced strength of the contractions of the muscles that gives the person very uncomfortable.

    Эзофагоспазм: что это такое, причины, симптомы, лечениеIn the case where ezofagospazm is a complication of GERD, all these symptoms is heartburn.

    To wapisiana manifestations of ezofagospazm often include:

  • unreasonable depression;
  • the feeling of anxiety, especially during a meal or before the next SIP of water;
  • one of the peculiar symptoms of diffuse esophageal spasm is sleep disturbance.
  • Diagnosis and possible complications

    To expose the diagnosis it is necessary to conduct a full examination. In the first place helps:

  • x-ray examination;
  • esophagoscopy;
  • manometry or the study of motor activity of the esophagus.
  • The disease can be lengthy. At the same time, may cause complications:

  • the formation of true diverticula of the esophagus (extension);
  • the occurrence of a hernia hiatal.
  • Treatment of esophageal ezofagospazm

    Is it possible to get rid of the disease? Treatment of ezofagospazm of the esophagus is long, complex and depends on the reasons for which it evolved. If it is correct to establish the cause of ezofagospazm, with continued therapy, we can hope for good health.

    What drugs are used to alleviate the condition?

    1. Эзофагоспазм: что это такое, причины, симптомы, лечениеIn the first place are those substances that affect the underlying disease. In GERD designate long-term proton pump inhibitors, antacids, diet.
    2. After a stroke people should regularly take aspirin, substances that stimulate the cerebral blood flow and reduce blood cholesterol.
    3. In the treatment of ezofagospazm mandatory appointment of a special diet in the acute phase: prepare semi-liquid and pasty food, as much as the esophagus. Exclude irritating foods. It is recommended to eat 4-5 times a day in small portions.
    4. Mandatory counseling, followed by administration of sedative drugs. When it is necessary to take substances to improve sleep.
    5. Specific substances include anticholinergics (used in neurological diseases, they block the neurotransmitter acetylcholine). Prescribed drugs from the group of nitrates and calcium blockers.
    6. If all the stages of treatment proved ineffective, doctors recommend surgical procedures: an extension of the esophagus or cut it circular muscle.
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    Diffuse esophagospasm rare disease that can appear suddenly, after infectious process or trauma and as a complication of GERD. To warn him is impossible, but to reduce the symptoms and improve for you to try. The main thing — do not start the disease!