Food in GERD: what you can eat different kinds of dishes

What can I eat with GERD

To the questions about nutrition for people with diseases of any of the parts of the digestive system approach with extreme caution. After all, this seemingly minor the need, makes a significant contribution to the treatment. Proper diet in GERD has saved many from a countless number of exacerbations of this disease. And the diet during the remission period without deterioration, is the key to perfect well-being.

But everyone is more concerned with the question of what meals are not forbidden to eat and how to cook tasty diet food. How to kill two birds with one stone? This will be discussed today.

Rules of nutrition in GERD

In order not to harm yourself you need to follow some food rules, but do not want to rigidly limit the scope. After all, every person has its favorite dishes, without which the food loses all interest and perceived only as the demand for energetic material.

For example, those with a sweet tooth will not be easy, because one of the key points in the diet in GERD — than light of carbohydrates, which include: cakes, pastries, rolls, biscuit cookies, candy. Many sweet bad day begins when the morning not drunk a glass of tea in a bit of sugar with honey or candy. How to help the body adapt in such an emergency? What can I eat with GERD and what to replace your favorite food? Learn about some of the secrets of diet for reflux esophagitis.

Vegetables and fruits

We all know it is useful and necessary products for the growth and development of each. But at the onset of reflux — backward reflux of food from the stomach into the esophagus and inflammation of esophageal mucosa (esophagitis) and raw of almost any vegetable or fruit as if scratches already battered esophagus. Not a pleasant feeling. In addition, such food stimulates the production of gastric juice which in excess leads to heartburn. How to avoid unnecessary symptoms — secrets of the use of vegetables and fruits.

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What fruit can in GERD? Almost all, except those that are especially aggressive effect on the mucous membrane. You need to temporarily exclude bananas, raw solid pear, exotic species.

Raw these products are best consumed 30 minutes before a meal. The same applies to salads of fresh vegetables. So, the gastric juice, which is produced in response to them, will go to the digestion of the main meal, eating late.

In the acute phase it is better to eat vegetables and fruits, steamed, baked or boiled. Can I eat stews in GERD? Yes, they, too, should give preference. So they are more gently affect the lower esophageal sphincter — the muscle located on the border between the esophagus and the stomach.

From vegetables it is desirable to avoid raw cucumbers, tomatoes and sauerkraut. But at the very least slightly allowed to add them to the salad, under normal tolerability. Tomatoes it is better to eat peeled.

Can a green salad with GERD? No, bitter salads, Basil, cilantro, mint, it will not be included in the diet, they irritate the esophagus, as they contain extractive substances.


Питание при ГЭРБ: что можно есть из разных видов блюдDoctors recommend temporarily refuse greasy nourishing broths, soup, soups team, soups of lentils, beans and peas. What then remains?

What can I eat with reflux esophagitis? Welcome cooking soups. Virtually any composition: mushroom, pumpkin, potato.

If suddenly wanted very much to go beyond — it is important to remember that vegetable and any other entrees roast impossible.

It is better to cook on the bone and meat.

For lovers of legumes — the pea soup need not add dry and green frozen peas, his body in the period of intensive development of illness is better tolerated.

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Can milk soups, fatty oil but it is not necessary to add less sugar!

Dairy products

Питание при ГЭРБ: что можно есть из разных видов блюдAs you know, dairy food is the Foundation of almost every diet, with a few exceptions. But many people mistakenly believe that any dairy products can be eaten without restriction. It is not, it also has its own little secrets.

Dairy food is eaten if after eating is not a heartburn and body they are well tolerated. Can I eat with GERD? Yes, in small quantities and after eating, before going to sleep better from such a drink to give up.

What cheeses can in GERD? Are allowed to eat a small amount of sour cheese with low percentage of fat.

About the heavy cream, sour cream and yogurt will have to forget. In the case when there is a need to add them to the dish — take products are not the lowest percent — they sometimes add thickeners, which adversely affect the sphincter of the esophagus.


Питание при ГЭРБ: что можно есть из разных видов блюдFor those who prefer quickly processed sweet foods would be the most difficult to follow a diet, after all, would have excluded almost everything.

What can be left? Is it possible to have honey in GERD? Although this is a very rich and sweet product, it is allowed to add in food. But as usual it irritates the lower esophageal sphincter, it is recommended to eat no more than 1-2 tablespoons a day in a variety of dishes. It is added to tea, it baked with fruit, with honey replacing the sugar.

Nothing will happen with the esophagus and the stomach, if you eat a small brownie once a week, but without fanaticism, it should not be the size a full cake.

Any breaks in the diet, it is important to remember that sweets should not eat on an empty stomach, and after the meal.

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What kind of cakes are available in GERD? Bread and mildly sweet bread, better if they lie down one day. Biscuit is also allowed, but in moderation.

Another important point — such foods eaten after the main meal, but without overeating. If you feel that another sweet piece of more than — do it.

Other dishes

Питание при ГЭРБ: что можно есть из разных видов блюдThis item is features in the preparing or eating of food. Dietary recommendations remain General nutrition guidelines for any disease of the digestive system:

  • meat — lean pork and beef, chicken, rabbit, fish;
  • cereals included in the diet, except for heavily borne by the body;
  • animal fats are excluded to the maximum;
  • there is a need for the principle of frequent fractional food, do not overeat.
  • With regard to small weaknesses, such as nuts and seeds, then when their GERD is possible, but just a little bit more zhmenya.

    Out of the diet should be gradually introducing all the products. Not to pounce immediately on all the yummy after treatment, and gradually adding every day.

    It is important to understand that every body is different. That is well absorbed by one person to another only harm. Therefore, any diet should be selected individually, with the participation of specialists.