Gymnastics in GERD — therapeutic breathing exercises

Breathing exercises in GERD

For the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux there are many means to permanently or at least for the next decade to get rid of annoying symptoms. To prevent not necessary to use the medication periodically to comply with diet, and some changes in lifestyle.

Another preventive measure — breathing exercises in GERD. This is another attempt to protect that in General the Arsenal of human suffering can be quite effective method.

Gymnastics is not a treatment

Before you completely switch to this type of assistance, everyone should understand some important points:

  • gymnastics does not get rid of heartburn, this method only helps to accelerate the healing process or to reduce the periods and the number of exacerbations;
  • perfectly designed circuit of exercises there, everyone can pick out alone those that subsequently he will be of real help;
  • gymnastics in GERD — non-core method of treatment, without the joint use of drugs and failure to follow the diet exercises will not be effective;
  • there is no 100% guarantee that classes will have a positive impact on the process of getting rid of reflux disease, with no illusions about happy full recovery.
  • At the moment there are no complex selected for each disease of the digestive system. Is often a General exercise, which will not save in an emergency, but to facilitate the course of disease can.

    Tasks with which to cope physiotherapy

    Like any physiotherapy technique (exercises and go to physical therapy — physical therapy) must be individualized, taking into account the tolerability of load and course of the disease process. Thanks to therapeutic exercise is a positive effect:

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  • stimulates protective forces of an organism, is a restorative effect on the person;
  • in all exercises well developed muscular system and blood vessels, which provides a more enhanced nutrition of the surrounding tissues and promotes regeneration (healing) of the damaged layers;
  • if gymnastics when reflux esophagitis is well chosen, can strengthen the lower esophageal sphincter (a circular muscle between the esophagus and the stomach), weakness which causes the balls of food back;
  • sometimes exercises help to reduce the amount of reflux at night, improve the absorption of drugs, reduce their intolerance.
  • But, as has been said, is not a magic pill from all the symptoms associated with GERD.

    Breathing exercises

    Гимнастика при ГЭРБ — лечебные дыхательные упражненияThe basis of such treatment is proper breathing that can be as an independent exercise or in conjunction with other types of loads attempt a workout of internal organs.

    1. First you need to take a comfortable position better sitting or standing. Then you need to take a deep breath and slowly exhale. When you exhale, try to engage the muscles of the abdominal cavity («breath with the belly»), it is better works the respiratory muscles, which are located close to the stomach. This exercise should be repeated 3-4 times.
    2. To breathing exercises with reflux esophagitis applies the following exercise: calm, deep breath and quick exhale «belly». The number of exercises increased to 10.
    3. Then inhale deeply, hold your breath and try as much as possible to «squeeze» the abdominal muscles, pause for 5 seconds and do a relaxed exhale. Over time we can increase the pause up to 10-15 seconds.
    4. Another option exercise is a quiet breath and forced a gradual exhale, exhale as if you have a few times.
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    Gymnastics should be accompanied by breaks, and frequent deep inhalation and exhalation can lead to dizziness, and in some cases loss of consciousness. Therefore, the treatment speed is not important.

    Important restrictions and caveats

    Гимнастика при ГЭРБ — лечебные дыхательные упражненияAs with all sports, such gymnastics has its own requirements:

  • during severe GERD, gymnastics should wait before subsiding symptoms;
  • do not perform this treatment after a full meal, light snack or even a drink of water, it will only contribute to the weakening of the esophageal sphincter;
  • all movements should be conducted in a calm state, you cannot perform them lying or half-sitting.
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease can deteriorate 2-3 times a year, so gymnastics should be a way of its prevention. It is better to conduct classes at least two times a week.

    By yourself do not attempt to develop a set of exercises, it is better to consult with the instructor in gymnastics. Ideal — when the specialist works in a medical facility and familiar with the specifics of exercises for diseases.

    You should not rely only on the breathing exercises, it is not exempt from other types of classes. It is better to combine them with swimming, walking, light Jogging.

    Exercises are performed without load, hands should be free, not train the muscles of the extremities or back and stimulates the internal organs.

    As in reflux esophagitis to diversify methods of prevention and treatment? You can add to the complex of medical gymnastics. It will not harm the course of the underlying disease, but only help and facilitate many of its manifestations.

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