Heartburn after treatment gastric erosion

Heartburn after treatment gastric erosion

Dmitry asks:

Hello. Erosion was treated, now the pains of an empty stomach no, but there heartburn after almost every meal. Noticed that after the oatmeal into the water at all, no heartburn, but I can’t do it constantly there? What to do?

The answer of the doctor:

Hello, Dmitry.

How long and what treated erosion? Sounded like the diagnosis completely? Passed after treatment re-examination of the stomach and duodenum? Perhaps the treatment was not passed until the end or the medication was not effective enough.

There are diseases of the digestive system in which the drugs have to be taken several months. I find it difficult to judge the cause of the symptom that is bothering you, but have to find it.

To start once again be surveyed, and then talk with your doctor about the need to extend the course of treatment, if required.

With regard to products that will not cause heartburn — the list is for everybody. Usually it is selected in the treatment process, a process of elimination. There are General guidelines to limit foods that lead to this symptom. Excludes alcohol, coffee and strong tea, fatty and spicy food, sweet and sour dishes. During treatment, erosion can not eat fried food and fast food (from fast food).

It is recommended to enter into the diet of boiled, steamed and baked meals, on an empty stomach can not eat sweet products and some fruits and vegetables. Follow the body’s reaction to dairy products (with the age they are harder to digest).

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