Heartburn and pain in the stomach due to fasting

Heartburn and pain in the stomach due to fasting

Paul asks:

Good afternoon. This year for the first time decided to observe lent. I do the whole lent — from February 23 to April 12, did not eat food of animal origin, and did not use vegetable oil. Post kept very strictly. During lent eat cereals, which are changed in turn. Basically, it was buckwheat, rice, beans, oatmeal, etc. as well As vegetable soups on vegetable broth. Spices not used, the sauces too. Fried food and cakes — didn’t eat at all. The only thing I could little more than normal to eat bread (but without fanaticism). At the end of the post, and to this day, began to experience heartburn and pain in the stomach. In history any problems with the gastrointestinal tract have never had at all. Dietary habits are good, sodas, chips and other chemicals had not eaten. Also I will say so as not to damage the gastrointestinal tract, from the post I went out very evenly. Started eating meat only on the fourth day, and then boiled. But in the early days of animal food only half a Cup of milk to drink. Stomach problems started before I was out of the post, on his last week. I have no bad habits, don’t drink or smoke at all. During lent lost 8 pounds (from 72 to 64).

Please tell me what I could earn as a result of strong post? Thanks in advance. If you can tell me the steps to solving this problem.

The answer of the doctor:

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Hello, Paul!

Doctors take a dim view of people’s desire to observe the fast or to go on a strict diet!

First, the body to any limitation of certain types of products should be prepared.

Secondly, if you have never fasted — pre-consult a doctor, pass a minimal examination, so as not to harm the body.

If the examination of the stomach was all in order, the stress of the digestive system could lead to undesirable consequences. Yes, for the pancreas, stomach and liver, limiting fatty foods only benefit. But the body continues the production of enzymes that have normal to go on recycling the same proteins and fats.

Botanicals even very well-chosen never fully will not replace them. Despite the absence of many animal products in the diet, the digestive gland prepared each day for processing. For example, in the gallbladder collects bile, which is mixed with the enzymes the pancreas and released in response to intake of protein, fat or carbohydrate. The stagnation of these substances due to the lack of required nutrients in food leads to inflammation of the digestive system. So, you may develop inflammation of the gallbladder, pancreatitis and gastritis and then what appeared to heartburn.

Just your body reacted to unusual conditions. Should undergo ultrasound examination of abdominal cavity and pass the biochemical analysis of blood.