Heartburn exacerbation of chronic gastroduodenitis

Heartburn exacerbation of chronic gastroduodenitis

Katherine asks:

Good afternoon, prompt, please, than it is now possible to treat seasonal manifestation of my gastro? I have found in 9 years (before that, survived the operation to remove acute appendectomy), plus the padding on the gall. Tormented by horrible heartburn and occasionally pain in the upper part of the stomach. Recently there was a survey, sores thank God no, but heartburn does not save anything, for a short time helps only mineral water and soda, advised to drink «Omeprazole» and «Ranitidine», but I would like to hear the expert (to go to the doctor for good reasons can’t right now). Allergies to medications no. Thank you very much for the help!

Prevention of seasonal exacerbation of gastroduodenitis

Hello, Katerina.

To cope with seasonal exacerbation of gastroduodenitis helps prevention. But it is desirable to prepare in advance.

  1. You need to avoid stressful situations in life.
  2. Important proper rest.
  3. Proper organization of working time.
  4. The diet is the basis for the treatment of all diseases of the digestive system. Frequent smaller meals with the exception of any products that aggravate gastro.
  5. You can not actively move, to do sports immediately after meals so as not to create strain on the lower esophageal sphincter (it is a circular muscle between the esophagus and the stomach, if it is poorly linked — there is a reflux of food back into the esophagus and you feel heartburn).

Adherence to these, at first glance, ridiculous rules, will help prolong remission for a long time (the period without exacerbations).

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In marked worsening heartburn and constant need to use drugs. Club soda will not help, as after soda heartburn increases.

Treatment should be complex. «Omeprazole» or «Ranitidine» will help to get rid of the symptoms, but the reception frequency, duration and amount of drug in the day needs to select the attending physician based on all available data.

First you need to determine the cause of the symptoms. You indicated that there is padding on the gall — advanced complete ultrasound examination of abdominal cavity and biochemical analysis of blood. Improper or untimely filing of bile is often the cause of exacerbations. Treatment in connection with these changes. The problem with the esophageal sphincter is a need to assign other drugs.

And, most importantly, the treatment should go completely, not be limited to two days or weeks of taking the drugs.