Heartburn from ulcers of the duodenum or from food?

Heartburn from ulcers of the duodenum or from food?

Eugene asks:

Hello, doctor! Two years ago I was diagnosed with duodenal ulcer. I was treated, annually pass inspection and never bothered me a bit. Recently passed inspection and I was fine. Somewhere about two weeks ago there was the heartburn, that can not understand. It often appears after a meal. What could it be?

The answer of the doctor:

Hello, Eugene.

Peptic ulcer of the duodenum is also often accompanied by heartburn. Despite regular surveys during those times you could catch the disease in the period of «rest.» Now begins the time of exacerbation of many chronic processes, as the immune system for the winter wanes.

In addition, it is possible that the appearance of heartburn is the result of the influence on the digestive organs of any products. You noted yourself that retrosternal burning starts after eating. You need to do?

It is important to pay attention to diet. Make a food diary, which must include periods of eating, what you ate at this time, check when having heartburn. Most often, the burning sensation can cause the following products:

  • strong coffee, fizzy drinks, crisps, alcohol;
  • fatty and fried food;
  • sweets: chocolate, cakes, biscuits, sweets;
  • junk food: mushrooms, barley porridge;
  • acidic food: sorrel, sauerkraut;
  • sometimes dairy products cause a burning sensation;
  • Every body is different, so you could react to any products. In case if we manage to understand that a heartburn — the food should be excluded. If the symptom is not work — should start medication.

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