Heaviness in the stomach and belching after eating: causes, prevention

Causes of heaviness in the stomach and burping after eating

From the beginning of the winter and almost to the end of spring lasts for a protracted period of holidays. It includes not only gifts, visit to relatives and dealing with other people, but for many gatherings at the table, overeating, and as a result, problems with health. Even absolutely healthy people, sooner or later the body can not stand, and the abundance of delicious food leads to a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, belching and nausea.

Who is at risk of feeling sick after the feast, and who have such problem all year round? How to protect yourself from such troubles?

All because of the wrong food

Those who though time in life I felt bad after a heavy meal, would not want the recurrence of such situations. Heaviness after eating is only the tip of the iceberg. Discomfort, nausea, repeated vomiting and indigestion difficult cause a person to eat vegetable porridge for weeks, in addition will have to be examined by a doctor to establish the true cause of this reaction of the body.

Not always the cause of are diseases of the digestive system, often it is not necessary to panic, it can be banal overeating. And often, such health leads and poor quality food. Why? — it is important to understand.

According to the latest recommendations of nutritionists for good health you need to eat at least five times a day in small portions so after eating, not bothered by the heaviness in the stomach and belching. What is the reason? For processing food during the receipt of even a small piece of product in the oral cavity begin to produce and stand out in a phased manner digestive juices and enzymes to provide quick and efficient processing. The possibilities of the body and the digestive system is limited. There are no clear rules disposable income of food, but, if it is a lot — this will upset the balance. If you eat a lot at once bold and sharp, without long pauses, the digestive system can not cope, man worried about the severity. Belching occurs due to the accumulation of gases from poorly processed foods.

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The second problem that is often faced in our time people — improper use of fluids or delayed. Water, like fresh fruits and vegetables must come after at least 30 minutes after a meal or before a meal. It has its own reasons:

  • bactericidal action of hydrochloric acid of the stomach is significantly reduced if food immediately drink plenty of water;
  • water increases the amount of feed consumed, reducing the possibility of the body for its processing;
  • carbonated beverages during, or immediately after a meal can irritate the mucosa of the esophagus and stomach, increasing the probability of occurrence of heaviness in the stomach and burping air.
  • A proper balanced diet, skillful approach to the use of products in any time — the key to good health.

    What diseases cause belching and heaviness in the stomach after eating

    Тяжесть в желудке и отрыжка после еды: причины, профилактикаWhat organs are involved in processing of products?

    1. In the mouth salivary glands that produce saliva. At this stage partially break down some carbohydrates.
    2. The stomach contains many glands to produce juice, which disinfects, breaks down and promotes the absorption of nutrients.
    3. The duodenum secretes bile, which contains the enzymes for a complete and almost final absorption of the bolus. At this stage, the involved pancreas, liver, gall bladder and small intestine.

    Illness or a temporary imbalance in the work of these bodies will cause heaviness in the stomach after eating and burping. The secretion of juices and enzymes occurs in the small portions, gradually. They immediately spent on food received. But, when a person eats without interruption, of such substances is not enough. Often, these problems begin during feasts, great feasts. Sometimes it is enough to eat a fried pie or a greasy hamburger that aggravated any chronic process and there was a tightness in the stomach and belching.

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    Тяжесть в желудке и отрыжка после еды: причины, профилактикаEating issues even exacerbate the long-forgotten disease:

  • GERD;
  • chronic pancreatitis;
  • gastritis and inflammation of the mucous membrane of the duodenum;
  • cholecystitis;
  • violation of the liver.
  • People who have similar diseases are always at risk. For them, a sharp change of food, eating exotic foods or meals, night snacks, overeating — will end up taking drugs to long course.

    Gently with motional regime

    Patients who have been diagnosed with GERD or erosive esophagitis (inflamed lining of the esophagus with defects), you know what to eat on the move, to bend over after meal or make at this time the active action is unacceptable. A sigh of relief and completely forgo physical activity. This is another significant disadvantage. Sedentary lifestyle affects not only the development of the musculoskeletal system, but also on the digestive system. How is this possible?

    Тяжесть в желудке и отрыжка после еды: причины, профилактикаFor the normal functioning of the small intestine and colon need not only water and fiber, the bowel is working well, if the person is actively moving every day. So, improving the peristalsis of this organ. If a person leads an inactive way of life, it is mostly concerned about the heaviness in the abdomen and belching air.

    Lack of proper movements and excessive consumption of heavy for the body of food leads to stagnation in the region of the colon. Is the decay products that eventually will be the cause of heaviness in the stomach and burping. Especially often such problems of concern to the elderly (they rarely do sports and move a little).

    Prevention of heaviness in the stomach and burping after eating

    How to help the body to go through another difficult period for digestion during family «fees»?

    1. Try to eat slowly, taking breaks for walks and socializing.
    2. Do not take food directly, it is better to drink water before meals or have a tea party after 30-60 minutes.
    3. To stomach heaviness, heartburn and regurgitation were rare guests make Hiking after meals and exercise at least 2 times a week.
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    Problems with digestion are largely dependent on ourselves. And often, to get rid of them, just enough to change the culture of their eating behavior.