How can I cure GERD?

How can I cure GERD?

Larissa asks:

Good day! Conclusion after EGD: «chronic gastritis with signs of subatrophy, partial remission». After visiting the gastroenterologist of GERD, but the doctor did not explain what it is. All I know is from the Internet. I read about the possible causes (removal of the gallbladder two and a half years ago). Stress after the death of her husband… I don’t Have severe heartburn, very rarely burp, most pollution of the bowel (saw «Magne B6» — reduced), food varied. Constipation rarely, lots of vegetables, sometimes fruit, eat lean meat, not fry all in sunflower oil. I was told that the reduced acidity, increased then — I don’t know what it is for me. The doctor prescribed «Controloc and Duspatalin». It all silently and sent to the therapist. And treat how? Would it be enough? Weakness in one power — boil a Cup of coffee with milk in the morning on an empty stomach — I increases intestinal peristalsis, it is checked. A blood test is deployed — good. But the cholesterol: 7.22?! Normal weight. The pool, sauna and bike in the summer cottage. Always go a little hungry, but now constantly hungry.
Question: how can I cure GERD? Maybe there are some features in the treatment, what am I to drink water? Coffee, tea, juice, juice — not! Can, for treatment of add (if necessary) herbal tea? No gallbladder — make Allohol? I can’t find answer from their doctors, unfortunately. How can I cure GERD? Thank you.

The answer of the doctor:

Hi, Larissa.

GERD is a chronic disease of the digestive system. That is a complete recovery, even after completing a full course of treatment for GERD, will not. The disease is characterized by alternating periods of exacerbation and remission (time of the disease without any clinical manifestations). From GERD to fully get rid of it is impossible. Significant errors in diet, constant nervous stress, infections of the digestive system, wrong behavior is worsening — all can lead to deterioration.

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The main task during the treatment of GERD and after it is to achieve persistent and prolonged remission. This time, many patients are mistaken for a full recovery.

To the disease for a long time didn’t bother have to follow these rules.

  1. Diet in acute with small indulgences later.
  2. During treatment to affect all the possible causes in your case additionally need to take a sedative teas or other preparations for the normalization of the nervous system (the rest of the drugs prescribed by your doctor after examination and full examination).
  3. If you have the opportunity pass SANATORNO-resort treatment and physiotherapy.
  4. Minor changes in life style: diet, lack of physical activity (especially bending forward) immediately after meals, not wearing tight clothes.
  5. Drinks you can eat: Pets not sour and moderately sweet fruit drinks, jelly, water, non-carbonated mineral water, milk (if you carry), herbal teas.

With regard to cholesterol — this value, which increases with age in almost all. From the age of 30 «bad» cholesterol already deposited in the vascular wall each. In the female body is such a process time slows down as sex hormones slightly adjust its level. During menopause, diseases of the digestive system significantly increases. If the diet does not help is the indication for making tableted drugs (diet forget this is still impossible).