How long can I take «Omeprazole» and what to replace it

How long can I take «Omeprazole» and what to replace it

Oleg asks:

Hello. For several years, persistent heartburn. Helps for our family every day. Stop taking heartburn resumes. Is it so long to take «Omeprazole»? Can what to replace? What would you recommend?

The answer of the doctor:

Hello, Oleg.

It is difficult to give recommendations without a diagnosis and survey results. There are some diseases and conditions in which it is possible to take «Omeprazole» for a long time, but only under the supervision of physicians with mandatory annual EGD study. Yourself to constantly take the drug I wouldn’t recommend it. Prolonged use can lead to numerous complications. One of the undesirable atrophy of the gastric mucosa (gradual degeneration of the glandular cells of the mucosa, with the result that they cease to perform its most important function — the formation of gastric juice).

In addition, if the drug is used long-term without a positive result (you do celebrate the renewal of heartburn after the cancellation of «Omeprazole» that you use is not the first month), is the probability of developing a chronic disease with potential complications.

Complete a full survey:

  • General analysis of blood and urine, biochemical analysis;
  • the study of the esophagus and stomach (EGD) ultrasound of the internal organs;
  • electrocardiogram.
  • You may need to Supplement therapy with other drugs or completely change the treatment.

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