How often can I take «Omeprazole»

How often can I take «Omeprazole»

Lydia Writes:

Hello. All my life I was accompanied by heartburn, cut six months ago month course of the drug «Omeprazole». Helped – for a few months I forgot about the heartburn. Recently again heartburn, cutting another course. But immediately after a course of «Omeprazole» I had to drink antibiotics, which again provoked the aggravation of heartburn. My question is — how often can I take «Omeprazole»? How many courses per year? Duration?

The answer of the doctor:

Hello, Lydia!

Are you worried about anything, except heartburn? Given the presence of symptoms of heartburn for a long time and periodic renewal after treatment — there is a possibility that it is a sign of chronic diseases of the digestive system. You pass any examination before starting treatment with the drug «Omeprazole»? If Yes, what diagnosis was put up? Depends on the duration of treatment with medicines.

Preparations of «Omeprazole» for many different functions, therefore, in various diseases the course of treatment is individual and determined by the attending physician. This medicine is used for protection of the stomach during the treatment of many ailments. The medication can be taken for several months, it may depend on diagnosis and the results of examination of the digestive system. Appoint yourself the group of substances I would not recommend is long-term treatment without evidence leads to the development of serious complications.

So I recommend you to go through the study of the gastrointestinal tract, if you still haven’t. After that, talk to your doctor about the duration of use «Omeprazole».

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