How to treat chronic atrophic gastritis

How to treat chronic atrophic gastritis

Malik asks.

Hello Olga, my mother’s conclusion: chronic esophagitis and atrophic gastritis in a stage of moderate exacerbation. Read on the Internet atrophic gastritis is a precursor of cancer. Very worried, do not know what to do. Is there a treatment? The doctors said — only diet and all.

The answer of the doctor.

Hello, Malik.

Atrophic gastritis, indeed, belongs to the category of precancerous diseases of the stomach. This does not mean that everyone with this diagnosis will develop cancer in the near future. Just as people have a predisposition to cancer development.

What is usually recommended in such cases to do? Permanent, annual monitoring by a physician or a gastroenterologist with the examination of the stomach — EGD (fibrogastroduodenoscopy). The tests you need regardless of the state, and in the case of the complaint to visit a doctor is recommended.

It is important to exclude all factors that might provoke further changes in the gastric mucosa.

  1. Smoking cessation and alcohol abuse (if such habits are).
  2. Eliminate the stress, if necessary, periodically need to be sedated.
  3. To strengthen the body — vitamins, be sure to include A, C, E complex.
  4. Walks in the fresh air, chat with a psychologist.
  5. Restricted diet harmful foods for the digestive system: coffee and strong teas, concentrated drinks, spicy food and supplements, sausages, smoked meats and fish, canned.
  6. Treatment after the examination depending on the testimony.

As atrophic gastritis (that is, not all glands of the gastric mucosa is fully working), early treatment consisted in stimulation of the glands. People recommended the use of citric or hydrochloric acid. Now for the best experience you can just 30 minutes before a meal is fruit or vegetable salads — they can also stimulate the production of gastric juice.

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