How to treat feeling of lump in throat

Lump in throat

Angelica asks the doctor:

Hello, I have a lump in the throat. It was a terrible feeling that overlaps breath. Went to the er there took a picture and said that everything is fine, did triad was sent home and advised to have a gastroscopy as an outpatient. 2 days later I made a gastroscopy, the doctor said that part of the esophagus that is adjacent to the throat (sorry I describe in my own words as I understood the doctor) red in wreaths «as a sore eye conjunctivitis», are swollen. Was diagnosed with esophagitis, appointed «Amanara» 1 package and «Urolesan» — 1.5 months to drink, diet. Treated 1 month feeling coma decreased and feel better now. But it was my birthday, I ate a piece of cake and within an hour I had belching bile, spilled right into my mouth, burned my throat — I used to nothing like this! And immediately there was a lump in my throat, which it is. Although the treatment I did not stop, except Manery — I already cut and while the doctor told me not to drink anymore. From Laura I was, she said it wasn’t her part. Please tell me, could it be still from neurosis? What do I do, what else can heal it’s just a horrible condition? Scared to sleep and who constantly thwarted, all the time want to swallow. Thank you!

Response doctor Angelica

Hello, Angelica.

One of the causes of feeling lump in my throat, really, to be a neurosis, but I’m afraid not in your case.

If studies were conducted and found redness in the region of the esophagus is esophagitis, or inflammation of its mucous membrane. Neuroses and emotional turmoil initially could be the cause, but then they had a long time to worry and more often in combination with other factors, malnutrition, improper food, excess weight, Smoking and so on.

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Given that the doctor ordered «Urolesan» and after the cake eaten was belching bile is necessary to investigate not only the stomach and esophagus, it is necessary to see the gallbladder, liver, that is, to do an ultrasound of these organs and to take biochemistry.

Abnormal development of the bile ducts, inflammation of the gallbladder and biliary tract, impaired liver function can cause reflux of bile into the stomach and esophagus. In the end, developing esophagitis. At the moment this is the reason for feeling a lump in my throat.

Often the treatment has to continue for several months. It is necessary to find the cause.

While a strict diet with the exception of fatty, fried, smoked. Frequent small meals. If a lot of nervous talk with your doctor about the need to use sedation, as anxiety will only aggravate the process. And continue the prescribed treatment, you may need to extend or intensify, consult your doctor.