Increased acidity of the stomach: symptoms, treatment of folk remedies

How to reduce stomach acidity at home

Almost everyone in the deterioration of state of health it seems that the best treatment is self-selected funds. That’s why nobody is in a hurry just go to the doctor, and still trying to cope with the problem at home. Well if the therapy succeeds. Often is quite the opposite.

How to lower acidity in the stomach at home without loss of health? Safe and effective ways a lot, even the doctors recommend them in treatment.

Why reduce the acidity of the stomach

The level of acidity of gastric juice depends on the concentration of hydrochloric acid. Increase HCL gradually leads to the development of serious diseases, not only of the stomach and intestines, but also the digestive glands (pancreas, liver and gall bladder). Increased acidity without exaggeration, is the risk of cancer processes, but only in the case if you do not control and do not attempt to modify this indicator.

How to understand that the amount of hydrochloric acid changed? Need to know all the manifestations of this condition, its causes, and then you can pick up the current therapy. Speech today will focus on the increased acidity of the stomach, symptoms and treatment of folk remedies.

Symptoms and common causes of changes in acidity

This disease manifests itself gradually, in a slight change being the first time no one even pays attention.

  1. Worried about the copper taste in the morning. During the day the smell and appearance of some products have a sensation of acid in your mouth.
  2. Nausea and pain in the stomach after consuming spicy food, carbonated drinks.
  3. Heartburn or burning sensation along the esophagus after a meal and on an empty stomach.
  4. Symptom that manifests itself over time — persistent constipation.

The acidity increases with the use of aggressive foods for digestive system is one of the most frequent causes of development of the acidity.

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Constant overeating, an abundance of protein and fatty food also contributes to the development process.

Many diseases of the stomach and duodenum accompanied by such a state.

That the treatment was competent and really helped — you need to fully examined and to get rid of the reasons for the increase of hydrochloric acid.

How to lower acidity of the stomach through diet

Повышенная кислотность желудка: симптомы, лечение народными средствамиIt so happens that after the in-depth health check completely eliminated all the possible diseases that could be causing the increase the amount of hydrochloric acid. Then you can safely say that the acidity increased due to the wrong diet. In this case, a simple diet is the mainstay of treatment. It is important to change the food to lower stomach acidity?

  1. To exclude all products that lead to the feeling of acid and heartburn. These include: coffee and hibiscus tea, soda, colored drinks, pickled fruits and vegetables, sugary foods, especially on an empty stomach, legumes, mushrooms, spinach, radish, radish, cranberries.
  2. Fatty dairy products.
  3. Large amounts of fatty and protein meals.
  4. Spicy snacks, canned goods and cured meats.

Ideally difficult to find such a menu that the feeling is not deteriorated and it was nice to have cooked. It is important to remember the main rule of food — excluded in the first place the food that causes heartburn and a taste of acid. The list of such products individually. Someone feels good after drinking milk and others need only porridge and fruit.

Foods that reduce stomach acidity

As the treatment can be administered in the diet foods that reduce stomach acidity.

  1. Low-fat milk, sour milk and liquid yogurt.
  2. Non-carbonated mineral water for the digestive system. Not everyone pays attention that on the bottle label is written the list of diseases for which it is recommended to use such water. Be careful when buying mineral water, read the labels!
  3. Повышенная кислотность желудка: симптомы, лечение народными средствамиWell lower the acidity of the boiled milk porridge. They not only normalize the levels of hydrochloric acid, but also help to prevent constipation. You need to give preference to buckwheat, oatmeal slow cooking, rice-wheat and maize porridge.
  4. Ordinary drinking water often saves from the manifestation of the acidity. But not more than a few SIPS.
  5. How else to lower the acidity in the stomach? Well normalize the level of acid cottage cheese-fruit casseroles.
  6. Use of concentrated fruit and vegetable juices are best avoided, but carrot, beet and potato will only benefit, if you drink them on an empty stomach 2-3 times a day during the first signs of the disease.
  7. Honey in its purest form increases the acidity. But 1-2 tablespoons a day with herbal tea improve health.

Properly selecting the products, replacing some other, it is possible to normalize the acid level and forget about visiting pharmacies. But not everyone enough. If the power does not eliminate the problem — complement treatment in other ways.

How to lower the acidity of the stomach folk remedies

Another factor in the increase of gastric acid can be frequent emotional tension. The constant stimulation of the nervous system is affected thus on the digestion. No wonder it is one of the most effective methods of treatment is teas, teas and herbal infusions that normalize the nervous system.

  1. Повышенная кислотность желудка: симптомы, лечение народными средствамиIn a period of increasing acid is recommended to be brewed mint or chamomile tea and add a few drops of ginger juice and a spoon of honey. This composition not only normalizes the functioning of the gastric glands, but also improve digestion.
  2. A decoction of flax seed and tincture of fennel will normalize the working of the stomach. Such a drug, drink 1-2 times a day.
  3. A good method to reduce acidity is to drink a few tablets of activated charcoal, it binds the excess HCL.
  4. How else to lower the acidity of the stomach folk remedies? To neutralize the acid of the desired metal. The ideal solution is calcium, but not in its pure form, so it is practically not absorbed. You need to cut with chalk or washed shell from the eggs, add a few drops of vitamin D (fish oil) and eat this dish with the emergence of the feeling of acid in my mouth. Don’t forget to drink water!

The normal acidity of fasting stomach needs to be in the range 0-9 mmol/ hour. Such indicators can only be determined in hospital. On exceeding the level indirectly indicates our body. Nausea, heartburn and constipation is the important symptoms of improper functioning of the digestive system. To reduce the acidity of the house may be old, but the optimal methods without great financial cost and without harm to the body. Food, vegetable juices and herbal help to cope with the increased acid levels and normalize health.