Is there a cure for GERD

Is there a cure for GERD and how to do it

According to the latest statistics from this disease as GERD affects about 20-25% of the population. Every year the numbers change, but not for the better. Why is this happening? Perhaps the disease is not treatable or those drugs that are assigned today are not saved from all her symptoms.

Is there a cure for gastroesophageal reflux disease recovery or happy is another myth? — try to understand.

The best time for treatment of GERD

As a rule, respond well to treatment of the disease in the acute period. At this point, the body responds better to all of the proposed remedies: drugs, physiotherapy methods of exposure. But as we know, GERD is a chronic process. Ill one day long and hard to try to get rid of this unpleasant problem.

Perfectly treatable first revealed GERD without complications. If during the examination revealed reflux disease with esophagitis is another obstacle to complete cure. But on the first or second stages of development of the disease the prognosis is more favorable.

How to beat GERD

Is there a cure for GERD and how to do it? What you need to prescribed therapy yielded the desired result?

  1. Full adherence to all recommendations of doctors.
  2. Prescribed medications should be taken in those doses and the amount that was suggested by the specialist. You cannot make adjustments to the treatment.
  3. You need to consult with your doctor about the possibility of replacing the drugs if the need arose.
  4. The most important rule — to late to go all the appointed course of medicines.
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When will there be a full recovery

Despite the fact that the disease is chronic, thanks to the attentive attitude and the full treatment to achieve persistent and prolonged remission (the period of the disease without relapses). It sometimes lasts for years. The people, long suffering from this unpleasant disease, you know that it is already done.

Is it possible to completely cure GERD? In fact, we are not talking about a full recovery, as it is difficult to restore the normal operation of nippising sphincter at any stage of the disease (this is the round muscle of the lower third of the esophagus, which normally closes after receiving food into the stomach). Even after surgical treatment (replacement or strengthening muscles), there is no guarantee that the disease will not develop again.

Можно ли вылечить ГЭРБFew patients suffering from this disease knows that the treatment after the main course of the medicines continues for a long time. And those who are aware of the need to take a maintenance dose of medication for several months, do not comply with such a therapeutic regime. Of course, with such an attitude to the treatment of any recovery is not a question.

Sometimes, to longer not to feel manifestations of the disease process enough during periods of exacerbation to follow a diet. It is important to understand that this is not 2-3 days, but several weeks or even months. Everyone knows that the fall and early spring many of the diseases of the digestive system acute. A strict diet and adherence to all the principles of a healthy lifestyle will prolong good health, possibly forever.

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Whether GERD curable? Yes, you could say, if a person due to his right attitude to health has made a lifelong remission.

The most common mistakes in the treatment of GERD

According to the world health organization only 10% of human health depends on the doctor and about 70% from the man himself. So basically the wrongs of the people suffering from GERD, lead to protracted course of the disease and the lack of full recovery. The most frequent are the following errors.

  1. Можно ли вылечить ГЭРБThe regimen of taking pills. Often forgetting to drink them at the right time or skipping within a few days of treatment regime is violated, resulting in the healing process is longer.
  2. Failure to comply with all recommendations of the doctor. Treatment is always assigned to the complex, apply antacids, pain medications, proton pump blockers, prokinetics, sedatives, medicines, and other indicated. If from the beginning not to take any of the appointed means, therapy may be ineffective.
  3. Self. Many from the first days of the disease, trying to get rid of gastroesophageal reflux disease. Use all possible available means, including alternative therapies. Is there a cure for GERD only folk remedies? No, a full recovery when such treatment will not.
  4. Development of Allergy to drugs. In this case, you need to immediately replace the drug for another, but not to stop the treatment.
  5. Unwillingness to be observed by the physician after improvement.

Some diseases can not be beat, but these can be mitigated, to stop the progression of the process, to extend the period of Wellness for years and decades. How to achieve this? In the case of GERD should be left to professionals and not to forget for a moment about his illness.

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