Medicines for GERD — the description of all groups of medicines

Medical treatment of GERD

Often from friends, you can hear the following phrase: «I wasn’t taking the pills prescribed by your doctor, used only traditional medicines and after a month of treatment I began to feel better.» After these words I keep wondering whether, in General, to use drugs, if someone well without them.

But we must not jump to conclusions, because there are diseases where no medicines can not do, and in their absence in the treatment program the person threatened serious complications. For example, drugs if GERD is a kind of prevention operational (surgical) treatment of oncological processes.

How to begin the treatment of GERD

The most important thing in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease:

  • to complete a full course of studies;
  • to consult with a specialist;
  • strictly adhere to all the requirements of a doctor.
  • The one who really wants to get well must comply with any purpose and for any complications to consult about the possibility of their elimination. If you have allergic reactions to one of the drugs is not necessary to independently replace these drugs on the other is the work of a physician.

    What medicines need to use for a long time in the treatment of GERD? General approaches to prescription drugs following.

    1. A long course of treatment. According to the latest recommendations of some groups of drugs (normalizing the level of acidity in the stomach) will need to take two to six months.
    2. Replace drugs with other should only be hypersensitive to.
    3. Medical treatment of GERD involves complex prescriptions. There is no specific monotherapy to completely eliminate all symptoms at the same time. Therefore assign several groups of drugs that affect all stages of the development of the disease.
    4. In recent years scientists have come to the conclusion that the gradual purpose of the substances. In our time, the more successful the scheme «gradually declining» therapy. What it includes? At the outset include therapeutic doses of blockers of the proton pump. Then gradually convert people suffering from GERD, the maintenance dose of the same drug or receiving H2-blockers.
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    Consider in more detail each group of drugs, used in this pathology.

    Inhibitors (blockers) and proton pump

    Лекарства при ГЭРБ — описание всех групп медикаментовProton pump inhibitors (abbreviated as IPP or PPI). At the moment they are the most effective drugs for GERD. What are the advantages of their use in this pathology:

  • modern blockers of the proton pump faster cropped pain in the chest area;
  • normalize the acidity of gastric juice and is able to keep such figures during the day;
  • long-term use blockers and promotes healing of erosions of the esophagus (the place of the mucous membrane of in violation of the integrity of the tissue) in 80-90% of cases;
  • with proper regular use of such drugs can hope for a long-lasting remission (a period without exacerbation of the process).
  • Because of such positive properties of modern doctors give them preference. Representatives of this group of drugs include:

  • «Omeprazole»;
  • «Rabeprazole»;
  • «Lansoprazole»;
  • «Esomeprazole»;
  • «Pantoprazole».
  • The doses of medicines are regulated depending on the stage of development of GERD, or presence of complications.

    Antacids and Alginates

    Лекарства при ГЭРБ — описание всех групп медикаментовAre drugs that reduce acid and protect the mucous membrane of the digestive system. They can be found in the form of tablets or suspensions. They act faster within 10-15 minutes after use, so assign them the first 7-10 days of treatment. The main reasons for prescribing drugs from the group of antacids or alginates:

  • quick effect;
  • some suitable for use by pregnant women.
  • But this therapy GERD disadvantages:

  • antacids contain aluminum, magnesium or calcium overdose can disrupt the balance of minerals, so they are used in short courses;
  • substances are short, they have to apply often (3-6 times a day), which is inconvenience.
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    Pharmacies representatives drugs of this group do not count:

  • «Fosfalyugel»;
  • «Rennie»;
  • «Almagell», Almagel-Neo»;
  • «Maalox»;
  • «Gastal»;
  • and many more for every taste.
  • Alginates mechanism of action similar to antacids, but unlike the former do not have contraindications and side effects. So they appointed long course. This cure for GERD as «gaviscon» or «Laminal ‘» (alginates) is not recommended for use only for children up to six years.

    Which one to choose? — all individually.

    Blockers H2-histamine receptors

    Лекарства при ГЭРБ — описание всех групп медикаментовThese medicines also reduce the level of gastric acid. Their action and effects similar to those seen in proton pump inhibitors. But over recent decades these substances have faded into the background. Why are H2 blockers-histamine receptors have less to use?

    1. Treatment regimens include two or three-fold reception blocker of H2-histamine receptors, that is certain discomfort to people undergoing a long course of treatment.
    2. More contraindications and side effects compared to the group of omeprazole;
    3. Medical therapy of GERD H2-histamine antagonists are less effective, because after their application the normal pH in the esophagus is kept short (less than 16 hours).

    Nowadays most are appointed «Ranitidine» and «Famotidine».


    Лекарства при ГЭРБ — описание всех групп медикаментовThis is another not less important group of drugs in the suppression of gastroesophageal reflux disease. Why they are used?

    1. Prokinetics improve the motility of the gastrointestinal tract.
    2. Increase the tone of the lower esophageal sphincter.
    3. It frees people from constant nausea.

    Representatives of prokinetics are the following medications:

  • «Metoclopramide»;
  • «Domperidone»;
  • «Itopride does»;
  • «Cisapride».
  • Medical therapy of GERD involves the use of these drugs small courses to help the main drug or after long-term use of blockers. Long their use is not recommended, as the first representatives of this line acting on the Central nervous system.

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    How to win gastroesophageal reflux disease? Constant medication will save from GERD. Do not ignore the advice of doctors, good health, after the full course of therapy — is one more proof of that.