Preparations reducing acidity of stomach

Pills from hyperacidity of the stomach

When all home options to get rid of feeling of acid in my mouth have been exhausted and the heartburn and bad taste get in any time of the day, it is necessary to put in motion more serious methods. Drug treatment of hyperacidity of the stomach is the only correct approach to try to eliminate developing the disease.

Is there a medication that can save him from such manifestations? Of the many tools that improve the digestive system which drugs reduce the acidity of the stomach?

How are the drugs for decreasing acidity

Work of all structures of the stomach is not only in the processing and absorption of food. Each gland this organ includes a few cells with multidirectional action.

  1. Parietal cells produce hydrochloric acid, which is involved in the processing and decontamination of food.
  2. Chief cells secrete pepsin, influencing the breakdown of proteins.
  3. Endocrine and pyloric structure of stomach glands increase the production of acid and stimulate motor skills.
  4. To neutralize the excess HCL mucus is produced in the cells.

Pills from increased acidity of the stomach act differently. The main role in increasing acidity HCL belongs. Therefore, to reduce all the symptoms associated with this change, you must first slow down parietal cells or inhibit the action of those departments, which improves the allocation.

Two other mechanisms, normalizing the glands of the stomach can increase the amount of mucus and bind already produced acid.

So, in General, we can describe all kislotozavisimyh medicines. While each group has its own special methods of influence on the cells of the stomach. Now take a closer look at all groups of drugs.

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Drugs that reduce the activity of kislotoobrazoutei cells

To drugs that reduce the activity kislotoobrazoutei cells include:

  • antacids;
  • alginates.
  • These drugs are designed for quick recovery from symptoms associated with acidity of gastric juice.

    Препараты снижающие кислотность желудкаAntacids — substances that reduce acidity due to some features.

    1. They neutralize the excess hydrochloric acid and quickly relieve the common symptoms of high acidity — heartburn.
    2. Adsorb all harmful substances.
    3. Envelop the mucous membrane of the stomach and the initial division of the small intestine.
    4. Stimulate the production of bicarbonate due to which it increases the secretion of mucus and decreases the amount of HCL.

    This group of drugs involves many medications, which include:

  • «Rennie»;
  • «Fosfalyugel»;
  • «Maalox»;
  • «Almagel» and many others.
  • It’s always available substances quick response.

    Another group of products – alginates also are appointed with high acidity. Are drugs that normalize the acidity of the stomach. Due to the specific structure (high molecular weight polysaccharide) alginates form on the surface of the stomach protective film. How they help in the acidity?

    1. Adsorbed on a hydrochloric acid and bound and remove it.
    2. Protect the gastric mucosa against the formation of erosions (defects in the shell, resulting from the exposure to HCL).
    3. Improve local immunity making the body better cope with the excess acid.

    Препараты снижающие кислотность желудкаThe alginates include:

  • «Gaviscon»;
  • «Laminal'»;
  • alginates of calcium and of sodium.
  • Alginates do not have side effects and are prescribed even during pregnancy.

    These two groups of drugs are a kind of «first aid» for the stomach. They act quickly and effectively when the level of acid.

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    Drugs that reduce the production of hydrochloric acid

    What to drink with heartburn due to raised acidity of a stomach? Most often it is a symptom of some diseases of the digestive tract. In case when the antacids are not helping and are only a few hours, doctors prescribe drugs acting directly on cells that produce acid. These are two groups of substances, blockers of H2-histamine receptors and proton pump. They differ in mechanism.

    1. The first group («Ranitidine», «Famotidine») suppress the formation of HCL does not directly, and by oppression the release of histamine, which stimulates the production of acid.
    2. They reduce the formation of stimulated acid, which is produced at the sight, smell and the flow of food into the body.
    3. These drugs promote the development of mucus, which reduces the aggressive action of hydrochloric acid on the digestive system.

    Proton pump inhibitors act directly on the last stage of selection of the acid. It is drugs that reduce the acidity of gastric juice and protecting the mucous membrane from its negative effect. An example of such drugs is:

  • «Omeprazole»;
  • «Esomeprazole»;
  • «Pantoprazole».
  • Therapeutic doses of these drugs enough to heal erosions, ulcers and inflammation of the mucosa. While not all the acid is blocked, and only the one that are unable to neutralize your own body defenses.

    What treatment should be avoided

    Препараты снижающие кислотность желудкаAny of the presented group of medicines has strict indications and contraindications a lot. The use of even the most innocuous at first glance can turn into a trouble. Therefore, the appearance of heartburn and acid in your mouth not in a hurry to self-medicate. Rules that must be followed.

    1. Representatives of each group of drugs should only be taken after the appointment of their doctor, who will determine the treatment scheme of the disease in each case.
    2. Such medications in the acidity of the stomach, as an antacid it is impossible to take a long course over 10-14 days (they violate water-salt balance in the body).
    3. In pregnancy, the drugs are not used, with rare exception, what you should consult with your doctor.
    4. Children under 14 years, some groups are contraindicated.
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    How to help the body cope with the acidity of the stomach? To treat this condition there are many substances capable of controlling the glands. The use of these tools is invaluable at high hydrochloric acid output. But any treatment must begin with an examination and communication with the therapist, must not neglect basic safety rules.