Reflux esophagitis: symptoms, treatment, diet, folk remedies

How to treat reflux esophagitis

  • People’s ways of getting rid of the disease
  • Surgical treatment of reflux esophagitis
  • reflux of stomach contents into the esophagus

    Every day everyone is faced with any problems of the digestive system. But one thing, when nausea, heartburn or heaviness after a meal has caused substandard or junk food — these symptoms can be easily get rid of, removing from the diet the wrong product. And another thing is the constant burning pain after a meal, belching or other symptoms of diseases of the esophagus.

    How to diagnose and treat reflux esophagitis? What challenges will be faced in the process of getting rid of the disease?

    Symptoms and syndromes of reflux esophagitis

    All the symptoms in the development of reflux esophagitis can be divided into esophageal and wapisiana. To esophageal symptoms of reflux esophagitis include the following:

  • heartburn or burning sensation in the chest, associated with food;
  • pain in the chest after eating;
  • nausea, belching, impaired movement of food;
  • regurgitation or retrograde (reverse) from entering the contents of the esophagus into the oral cavity.
  • Reflux esophagitis is often difficult to recognize, — the morbid process may be lurking behind the manifestations of other symptoms not related to the digestive system.

    1. The discomfort, scratching and sore throat that are more characteristic of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract — the pharynx. Due to the casting of gastric contents into the esophagus and above.
    2. To unusual manifestations of reflux esophagitis refers to a symptom like a cough, sometimes a feeling of lack of air. This is reminiscent of the picture of bronchitis, and nocturnal attacks of breathlessness often lead physicians astray, mimicking bronchial asthma.
    3. The decay and destruction of tooth enamel is another possible symptom of reflux esophagitis, as hydrochloric acid with prolonged exposure to the teeth destroys them.
    4. Heart pain — a common symptom of problems with the esophagus. Anatomical location of the nerve plexus causing similar symptoms. No wonder doctors recommend if it seems that the heart pains to carry out a full study of the upper parts of the digestive system.
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    These symptoms can be grouped into groups according to which flows of reflux esophagitis.Рефлюкс-эзофагит: симптомы, лечение, диета, народные средства

    1. Pain form. It is easy to guess what is prevalent in this period of reflux esophagitis. Pain bother you the maximum through 1-1,5 hours after a meal and when you change body position.
    2. With diarrhoeal form of reflux esophagitis the symptoms of the disease are varied and depend on them for treatment. The person often complains of constant heartburn and belching.
    3. Dyspeptic variant of the disease occurs with impaired swallowing and spasms during the passage of food through the esophagus.
    4. Oligosymptomatic the course of reflux esophagitis is characterized by scarce clinical picture and the disease often is found incidentally, during the passage of EGD fibrogastroduodenoscopy.

    Treatment of reflux esophagitis

    In the process of selection of drugs in the detection of reflux esophagitis of the esophagus, the doctor is primarily governed by the clinical form of the disease. However, there are differences in treatment that affect all of a person suffering from this disease. Treatment of reflux esophagitis lasts a long time, the disease does not disappear after two weeks of supplementation and dieting. We must not forget about all the stages of therapy and other types of effects on inflammation. Let’s consider each of these in more detail.

    The organization diet regime, behavior

    Рефлюкс-эзофагит: симптомы, лечение, диета, народные средстваTreatment of reflux esophagitis begins with proper nutrition. Since the detection of the disease because it will help you start treating your diet. Food is necessary to give preference to steamed, boiled foods or dishes prepared on pair. During remitting exacerbation menu you can gradually diversify, gradually introducing favorite and familiar products.

    What’s the difference in the treatment of reflux esophagitis from the usual diet and lifestyle?

    1. The usual portions have to share at least half. There is often, at least five times a day.
    2. Specifically excludes products that weaken the lower esophageal sphincter: tomatoes, onion, garlic, tea, coffee, citrus fruits, chocolate, smoked sausage, strong alcoholic drinks. The list of items extends, taking into account individual peculiarities of the organism.
    3. How else to treat reflux esophagitis? To improve the protective functions of the body is recommended daily proper sleep, intake of complex vitamins, strengthens the immunity (hardening, exercise).
    4. After eating it is not recommended to lie down and take a horizontal body position, eating at night is also prohibited. During sleep need to raise head end of the bed, which will greatly reduce the number and intensity of reflux — reflux of food from the stomach back into the esophagus.
    5. Tight fitting clothes with a belt or strap worsens the disease, leading to increased burning. At the time of treatment it is better not to wear.
    6. Don’t over eat! Allow your body a rest from too much food. Crowded stomach worse to cope with the received products, the symptoms of reflux esophagitis in this resume.
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    The use of drugs

    Its use in the treatment of reflux esophagitis medication is the primary treatment stage of the disease. By properly selected medicines depends on the speedy recovery and well-being.

    In the treatment of reflux esophagitis is assigned to the following groups of drugs.Рефлюкс-эзофагит: симптомы, лечение, диета, народные средства

    1. Assigned to substances that decreases inflammation of the mucous membrane of the esophagus: «Actovegin», «Likviriton», «Sucralfate». They are administered depending on the indications in severe inflammation.
    2. Reflux esophagitis is treated with medications that reduce the acidity of gastric juice and protects the organs of digestion. They are widely used in gastroenterology. These include proton pump inhibitors, antacids, alginates, H2-blockers of histamine.
    3. Based on the testimony prescribe remedies for the healing of mucosal defects (erosions) and sedative drugs, painkillers: «Tricastin», «Solcoseryl», sea buckthorn oil, «Drotaverine».
    4. To reduce the number of refluxes, remove nausea, belching — used prokinetics short courses, not more than 10 days.

    Physiotherapy in the treatment of reflux esophagitis

    Simultaneously with the appointment of a full course of drugs is recommended to apply physiotherapeutic methods of influence on reflux esophagitis. Physiotherapy helps:

  • increased blood flow in the damaged organ;
  • stimulates tissue repair;
  • improves healing;
  • strengthens the immune system.
  • Is it possible to cure reflux esophagitis, using only the above methods of getting rid of the inflammation of the esophagus? Reflux esophagitis is treatable, if you constantly follow the recommendations of doctors and not to interrupt therapy.

    The course of treatment is on average 1.5 months and depends on the disease.

    People’s ways of getting rid of the disease

    Рефлюкс-эзофагит: симптомы, лечение, диета, народные средстваTreatment of reflux esophagitis herbs may be of a recommendatory nature. Homemade infusions and decoctions does not relieve fully from the disease, but can help to significantly reduce the intensity of symptoms.

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    Doctors recommend to add some herbs in tea or tincture. Do not use alcohol and other alcoholic beverages for the preparation of drugs. It is possible to the main treatment, add a decoction of chamomile and flax seed, aloe juice, rose hips, lemon balm. Pharmacies sell ready-made charges which were selected for the digestive system.

    Surgical treatment of reflux esophagitis

    If reflux esophagitis is incurable, it is necessary surgery. Surgical intervention is only applied when all of the above methods are ineffective and if there are some complications:

  • narrowing of the esophagus;
  • bleeding;
  • Barrett’s esophagus.
  • Another indication for surgery — severe weakening of the lower esophageal sphincter, which is not restored to the medication even after 6 months of treatment.

    How to treat reflux esophagitis? — we need to prepare for a long course of therapy and can not afford for the period of treatment to go beyond. Work on yourself and strict adherence to doctor’s recommendations — the mainstay of treatment.