Savior, but the gastroenterologist found nothing

Savior, but the gastroenterologist’s nothing «scary» not found

Irina asks the doctor.

Hello. Please tell me what is the most effective heartburn medication you can drink the course? Gastroenterologist anything «scary» is not found. Helicobacter pylori is absent, no ulcers, gastritis, too. But heartburn just a «get». Especially when I have had lunch and lay down to rest after work. After about 2 hours starts just something terrible — a sharp headache, inside everything is burning, heartburn right up to the «top». Thought maybe the pressure drops, but no — 110х75 my work, not jumping. Reduce food portions, dieting, sweet, smoked never loved. And surprisingly, after a night’s sleep does not. I don’t eat after six in the evening, if only the yogurt. But in the afternoon, after a day’s rest at least «hung up». And now in the morning, even after coffee is already burning in the throat. The doctor prescribed «Omeprazole», kerf, but has not become easier. Maybe there are just drugs that inhibit the release of acid? Thank you. Irina Togliatti.

Response doctor Irina

Hello, Irina.

One of the important rules treat heartburn behavior. Anyone who is regularly experiencing this unpleasant symptom, it is recommended that, in addition to diet, the following:

  • do not take a horizontal position for at least 30-40 minutes after eating (you can only rest while sitting);
  • do not wear tight clothing (corset, belt);
  • do not overeat;
  • not to engage in sports and outdoor activities after the meal.
  • Cause of heartburn may be insufficiency of the lower esophageal sphincter (circular muscle of the esophagus, which is between him and the stomach and prevents reflux of food back). If you go to sleep after eating — a food ball from the stomach presses on the muscle that contributes to its weakening. The contents of the stomach along with hydrochloric acid enters the esophagus. All this causes heartburn after a meal. The first stage of the lesion esophageal sphincter is not always visible in the study.

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    Therefore, first aid is correction of diet and lifestyle (heartburn from coffee, too, maybe because it weakens the lower esophageal sphincter). In this case, it is not always the only effective drugs that suppress acid secretion, it is necessary to act on the sphincter (to take medications that strengthen it). Talk with your doctor about the need for the appointment of these drugs in addition to the basic treatment.