Than replace «Omez» for gastritis and reflux esophagitis

Than replace «Omez» for gastritis and reflux esophagitis

Christina asks:

Hello. I am 25 years old. I nechanicky superficial gastritis. Checked. Emerged after two years of bulimia. Plus esophagitis (reflux of gastric contents into the esophagus). Wrote «Omez», «De-Nol». «Omez» I saw already, I think it is harmful for so long. As stop — it is getting worse. And the effect is not as good as before. From «De-Nol» gravity. Is there a replacement for «Omez»? Small renal failure and liver. Need drugs that do not greatly affect these organs. I also read that long term intake of IPP is harmful to the stomach. Help «Ranitidine», but not for long.

The answer of the doctor

Hello, Christine.

«Ranitidine» and drugs from the same group (blockers H2-histamine receptors) have more effect on the kidneys and liver. So I would not recommend you.

«Omeprazole» (aka «Omez») in exceptional cases, accept for several months, sometimes up to 6 months, but under the control EGD. Fewer side effects observed in more advanced group of drugs omeprazole recent generations («Rabeprazole», «Esomeprazole», «Pantoprazole»). The main course of treatment for four weeks or more depending on readings. Supportive therapy can be administered long course and in this case allowed the medication every two to three days. So, you will reduce the number of side effects and reduce the risk of complications to the liver, kidneys and the stomach. But the full treatment regimen should be assigned only to the attending physician!

Treatment of reflux esophagitis is not limited only to taking the pills. It is important to observe a few things.

  1. Frequent smaller meals, small portions at least five times a day.
  2. Can’t do sports during and after a meal. You can’t go to sleep immediately after eating, bend over with a full stomach. Better after a meal, take a walk or sit for 30 minutes.
  3. The diet need to exclude spicy food, smoked food, eat less sweet. Eat less spicy, avoid drinking colored carbonated beverages. Eliminate coffee, strong tea, alcoholic beverages.
  4. Try less nervous, if necessary, consult with your doctor about the possibility of using sedatives.
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General principles of conduct in the development of reflux esophagitis is not less effective than treatment with medicines.