The exacerbation of GERD: what to do, how to avoid

What to do with the worsening GERD

Many diseases of the digestive system becomes chronic. During these disease processes it is possible to observe episodes of exacerbation and remission (a period without exacerbations). Therefore, the treatment of the disease does not end after decrease the main symptoms of the disease, it continues sometimes for years and often a lifetime.

How to prevent the next flare-up of GERD, it is possible to help the body to deal with the almost inevitable deterioration?

Why happen seasonal exacerbation of GERD

Every person suffering from chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, knows that every spring and autumn the disease again reminds himself. The deterioration starts no matter what and can last weeks, months and longer.

For some reason it is in such times one begins to feel worse?

  1. Weather conditions change.
  2. There is a heavy load on the body while changing the duration of daylight hours.
  3. Protective forces of an organism weaken.

At such times, and exacerbated by GERD. The symptoms of the deterioration do not differ from the acute course of the disease. The person feels:

  • burning in the stomach after a meal, especially if the food was fried, spicy, there was a feast with an excess of corrosive products;
  • worried about heartburn, if there was any physical activity after or during a meal;
  • begins the nausea, feeling of heaviness after eating;
  • pain in the stomach, which can take place only after taking antacids.
  • On the background of the emergence of all these symptoms the person becomes irritable, sleeps poorly.

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    How to avoid aggravation in GERD

    The exacerbation of GERD can occur much easier, or even possible at all without it, if you behave properly. Knowing that you have a chronic disease and you are prone to frequent and prolonged exacerbations, and start to prepare for them in advance! Create a detailed plan of action and strictly to it follow.

    Strengthening the immune system

    Обострение ГЭРБ: что делать, как избежатьStrange as it may sound, such a phrase, but immune system depends not only overall health, but also for many chronic processes. Any disease of the digestive system is always accompanied by a decrease in the protective forces of the organism. Don’t wait, when will appear weakness, change in General well-being, depression of mood, which will undoubtedly lead not only to worsening of GERD, but its long-term aggravation.

    What you need to do?

    1. In mid-autumn, preferably during the spring, take complex vitamins. In this period, the body is especially weakened.
    2. Work out. Swimming, Cycling, running, athletics not only contribute to the development of the muscles, but also adapt man to the changing environment.
    3. In this case, suitable and popular methods of helping the body: ginger, honey, tinctures and herbal teas of various soothing and stimulating herbs can be taken courses. For the summer-autumn period pick your individual firming herbal, which is perfect for you.
    4. In the summer of quenched body: a lot happens in the fresh air, sunbathe, swim in the ponds.

    Other approaches to prevention of exacerbations

    Обострение ГЭРБ: что делать, как избежатьOrganize your work so as to have enough time for sleep and leisure. In the fall exacerbated not only diseases of the digestive system, but also other chronic processes make themselves felt: diseases of the spine and joints, disease of the thyroid gland and the cardiovascular system. All these diseases require long-term use of drugs that are bad for the lining of the esophagus and stomach, leading to deterioration.

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    During the opportunistic diseases and not to bring to the aggravation of gastroesophageal reflux disease?

    1. If the doctor prescribes medication long course find out how they affect the esophagus and gastrointestinal tract. Is there a possibility to replace them with other less aggressive?
    2. You have to use substances that aggravate GERD — start at the same time to take proton pump inhibitors as a preventive dose.

    To illness no longer made itself felt — engaged in their health:

    1. Screened every year at least once, regardless of health.
    2. If the disease proceeded with complications — take for a rule every year to undergo treatment in a hospital, even in the absence of this strong evidence.

    Diet during exacerbation of GERD

    Обострение ГЭРБ: что делать, как избежатьAll patients, long suffering from this disease, you realize that food, in the exacerbation of GERD is much more important than medical treatment. More important, because balanced meals, the correct mode and behavior after eating is the key to a long and stable remission. Gourmets and lovers of the spicy and unique foods will have difficulty. After all, a diet will need to observe almost for life. Exacerbation of you can afford a little more than during treatment, but with deterioration will have to return to the usual framework.

    The disease does not return, if you observe the following rules.

    1. Eat often and in small portions.
    2. Do not allow liberties: not to overeat, to completely eliminate beverages and foods that worsen the gastro-intestinal tract (fizzy drinks, alcohol in large quantity, coffee, sweets on an empty stomach, heavy and fatty meals).
    3. Fall and spring go to baked food, completely eliminate fried foods. To boil and simmer.
    4. Try to eat quality foods, don’t eat spoiled food.
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    Diet during exacerbation of GERD is fully preserved as in the treatment of disease. Small indulgences during the holidays can be, but if they are not harmful to health.

    How long to get rid of GERD? Always be seen by a doctor who will advise that it is better to avoid, and what to pay attention to. You always need to monitor their health and then the doctor’s visits will be reduced to a minimum.