Treatment of gastritis with high acidity of folk remedies

Gastritis with high acidity — treatment of folk remedies

Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach is a continuous process from which not to get rid of. In violation of the diet, the deterioration of immunity, the disease will continually increase. Not everyone wants to immediately grab the pills and take them for months, especially when there are natural «helpers».

Not without reason many still use herbs in the acidity of the stomach. This is especially true in the treatment of gastritis with high acidity, — in the treatment which the important role belongs to the people’s methods. What plants will help to cope with high acidity in this disease, and which will only worsen the disease? Not all herbal teas are equally useful in this condition, you need to carefully study indications.

Why to reduce acidity gastritis

Simple inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach is almost everyone at least 1-2 times throughout life. This kind of reaction on admission in a low-quality food. Only, it takes all different. Some appears a slight pain in the stomach, others — all the symptoms of typical poisoning.

Gastritis with high acidity will not pass unnoticed. High levels of hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice will immediately let you know. The most common symptom is heartburn, will torment a man day and night. Plus, there were complaints of a constant feeling of acid in the mouth, pain after meals, nausea and weakness constipation. If untreated, the disease will not work and will only worsen it and worsen symptoms.

Therefore, the right natural therapy it is not easy temporary assistance for relief of symptoms, this Supplement or in the treatment of the disease. Used herbal with high acidity of the stomach? They should be properly selected so as not to harm the body.

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Folk remedy for gastritis with high acidity

Caution never hurt anyone, so prior to starting this treatment complete the full examination in the clinic to know the exact diagnosis. After all, the same grass at different concentrations can lead to unexpected effects.

In the case of gastritis it is necessary not only to reduce the acid level, but also to protect mucosa, improve the immune system and these functions are performed by additional components in the gastro camp.

Herb in the acidity of the stomach

Let’s learn about the action of the most commonly used herbs in diseases of the digestive system, which will benefit in the acidity of the stomach, and that hurt.

Лечение гастрита с повышенной кислотностью народными средствамиMany people use mint, but its role in the acidity of the stomach is small. In small amounts — 1 or 2 small leaf tea will help to calm the nervous system and, with it, slightly reduce the production of hydrochloric acid, reduce spasmodic pains of the gastrointestinal tract. After all, many people know that neural factors enhance the production of HCL by glands of the stomach. But if mint to overdose and take it in the treatment of the basis — you will get the opposite effect.

The tincture and decoction of chamomile flowers is assigned in medicine virtually every specialist. Treatment of wounds, skin, and gargling — not the entire feature list of fragrant plants. Daisy in the acidity of the stomach is designated as an antiseptic and substances, significantly reduce pain during exacerbation of the disease.

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Rose hips are very actively uses people in the household. Fresh berries are used as a delicacy, the dried fruit added to tea and make tincture with them. It is a powerful source of vitamin C. rose Hips in the acidity of the stomach stimulates the immune system and promotes healing of damaged mucous membranes of the body.

Fennel, BlackBerry and Angelica used for gastritis for pain, and normalizing the glands.

Лечение гастрита с повышенной кислотностью народными средствамиYarrow in the acidity of the stomach alone and in large quantities it is better not to apply. It has long been used as substances that stimulate the production of gastric juice. Along with this increases the amount of hydrochloric acid that directly affects the acidity.

Plantain also need to be careful. The dried seeds are successfully used in medicine as an enveloping means and anti-inflammatory substances, which in the case of heartburn only benefit. But the juice of the grass and leaves has the opposite effect, his doctors recommended to drink in gastritis with low acidity. Therefore, the raw material of plantain with high acidity of the stomach is used, not all but only the seeds.

Aloe Vera juice and potatoes with the development of heartburn and pain in the stomach is a classic of folk medicine. But these vegetable ingredients may not be part of liquors. They are assigned in addition to the basic treatment as antacids.

St. John’s wort in the acidity of the stomach can be included in the complex therapy for astringent and antiseptic effect. It protects cells of the gastric mucosa from inflammation and irritation.

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Herbal hyperacidity of the stomach

Herbal teas — this is a balanced composition of the drug, which is focused on a mechanisms of disease development. What today is the gastric fees in the acidity of the stomach? The composition of these funds can vary depending on the desired effect. Usually take dried plant parts in equal proportions. Most often the composition of the herbal compositions included:

  • Лечение гастрита с повышенной кислотностью народными средствамиAngelica root;
  • rhizome;
  • St. John’s wort, mint;
  • chamomile;
  • agrimony ordinary;
  • fennel, blackberries;
  • the centaury.
  • Apply the tincture or decoction 2-3 times a day, depending on the severity of symptoms.

    We do not knowingly give in this article specific recipes of preparation of herbal! For two reasons. First, any pharmacy sells ready fees from gastric hyperacidity. And secondly, it is important to remember that treatment of gastritis with high acidity of folk remedies can harm grass if properly matched. At the first signs of deterioration need to see a doctor. Do not start to be treated yourself, if in doubt about the result!