Treatment of GERD with herbs

The use of herbs in the treatment of GERD

  • What herbs can be used
  • Soothing herbs
  • Enveloping grass
  • Anti-inflammatory herbs
  • Doctors say that there are two main ways of treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease: medication (using drugs or surgery) and drug-free. The first option, of course, have to take drugs, and in the case of their inefficiency surgical correction. The second method involves changing lifestyle and proper nutrition.

    But some equate the latter also treatment GERD herbs. Is it possible this therapy and how it is acceptable in this pathology?

    The use of medicinal herbs in GERD

    The medical usage of herbs in diseases of the digestive system is allowed, but if it is safe for health. Don’t underestimate the help of nature, if it really will benefit. There are several controversial issues in the use of plants:

  • they will not replace the entire complex designated medicines;
  • herbal teas and tinctures can be assigned in addition to the basic treatment, with specific goals, if there are no allergic reactions to them;
  • it is better to use proven plants, so as not to cause deterioration.
  • What problems cope herbs and how they help in GERD

    Depending on the composition of teas or fees to perform the following functions:

    Calm the nervous system. Often, the treatment of this disease, doctors recommend taking substances that normalize its work. Hyperactivity leads to the production of excessive hydrochloric acid.

    Some of the substances included in the composition of herbs, possess anti-inflammatory activity. Gastroesophageal reflux disease in this case is treated with herbs to remove inflammation of the lining of the esophagus and stomach.

    1. Plants adsorb on herself the excess of gastric juice.
    2. Herbs for healing the existing defects of the esophagus and gastrointestinal tract.
    3. In addition to the basic treatment of herbal teas are used as a tonic and vitamin fees.
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    Tinctures from herbs and extracts have shielding effect, which also protects the gastric mucosa from hydrochloric acid.

    It would seem that so much positive from this natural treatment, if properly put together all the ingredients, then you can get rid of all the negative symptoms of GERD. It is not so simple as we would like. Excess one of the herbs can lead to depression of the nervous system, and to its further activity. The same plants reduce inflammation, but at the same time stimulate the gastric glands, in case this disease is unacceptable. So you need to carefully examine every natural drug, not to harm.

    What herbs can be used

    Grass may be administered separately in the form of fees. For those who are versed in the rules of the workpiece, there is a ready assembled product, which is found in pharmacies (with the appropriate name — gastric collection). It is possible to make multicomponent tea alone. What plants are not contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract? Explore in detail.

    Soothing herbs

    Лечение ГЭРБ травамиConstant nervous stress can not affect human health. Affects the nervous system and the digestive system. Due to stressful situations violated the protective layer of the esophagus and gastrointestinal tract, resulting in inflammation. Because of this, you may develop esophagitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the esophagus). In addition to regular over-stimulation of the nervous system contributes to the production of excessive hydrochloric acid, which irritates the affected esophagus. People are constantly worried about heartburn. Develops insomnia. And if not treat the cause of the disease to be treated will have a long time.

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    For emotional help, to slightly mute the unnecessary activity of the nervous system and prescribed herbs in GERD. What plants will not harm the body in this disease.

    1. The root of Valerian. Used in the form of decoction or infusion as a sedative. Thanks to the powerful calming effects of this plant included in many herbal teas, including stomach.
    2. The spring Adonis has long been used in nervousness, lowers the nervous system. But harvest your own is not recommended, as the plant is poisonous.
    3. Passionflower has been successfully used as a sedative for nervousness and insomnia. To do this, use the dried leaves, add them to tea.
    4. Melissa and mint are always appointed for the normalization of the nervous system. But in the case of mint need to be very careful, the extra leaf in the brew is and she isn’t slowing down, and exciting.

    Enveloping grass

    Лечение ГЭРБ травамиThey are fully not replace antacids (medicines to reduce the acidity level in the stomach), but as an extra help if you are allergic to medications or a temporary lack of medication on hand will do. Enveloping property has the following plants.

    1. The aloe juice. In almost every family there is an ornamental plant. Our ancestors passed it down from generation to generation, so this «cure» is available to everyone.
    2. Len. A decoction of the seeds or slime made from them, coats the stomach and protects surrounding tissues from the acid.
    3. Tincture psyllium is used for the same purpose.

    Anti-inflammatory herbs

    These medicinal plants are many, they can be listed for a long time, but will focus only on. What herbs you can take for the treatment of GERD?

    1. Blueberries, which are brewed with tea or eaten in a dried form.
    2. The common bird cherry is used to relieve inflammation not only outside but also inside the body. With this purpose take the fruits, leaves and even bark.
    3. St. John’s wort. Tincture and tea with the addition of plants will remove the inflammation.
    4. Elecampane not only reduces inflammation, but also regulates the functioning of the digestive system.
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    Лечение ГЭРБ травамиMany of these herbs are rich in vitamins, so in addition to its other effects improve the metabolic processes in the body. With the same purpose, it is recommended to use currant leaves, ginseng root.

    Preparation of the medicinal tea will not cause trouble. You need to take a spoon of the desired components, add hot water and infuse for 30-40 minutes. Eat recommended after eating one spoon for 10 to 14 days. Enveloping the plants can use before meals.

    How effective is this therapy in the fight with GERD? Difficult to answer, it depends on the receptivity of the organism and the disease. Many medicines prepared with extracts from such herbs. In any case, when properly prepared, plants can’t hurt.