Wapisiana manifestations of GERD

Wapisiana manifestations of gastroesophageal reflux disease

You can often hear claims to the doctors, why the time has not diagnosed any disease. You have to undergo endless research, to consult with all possible specialists. In extreme cases people are sent to a special course examinations in the hospital just to try to identify the pathology that bothers people. The diagnosis is exposed by process of elimination, and the prescribed treatment does not bring the expected effect.

Such diseases include GERD. Its symptoms often resemble symptoms of other processes, completely unrelated to problems of the digestive system. How to put the diagnosis and what are wapisiana manifestations of gastroesophageal reflux disease?

Cough and shortness of breath — maybe it’s GERD

Pulmonary manifestations of reflux disease troublesome in all patients. To them, the more inclined people over the age of 40 years, but exceptions are possible. The symptoms resemble bronchial asthma, aspiration pneumonia or obstructive bronchitis:

  • prolonged cough that persists for several days and did not respond to antibiotic substances;
  • the feeling of lack of air, the man starts to choke for no apparent reason;
  • rarely shortness of breath.
  • The torment lasts indefinitely, the usual drugs prescribed for these abnormalities are not effective. Such patients are pulmonologists and can’t find anything that would confirm one of the diseases of the respiratory system.

    How to distinguish gastroesophageal reflux disease in this case?

    1. The cough almost always occurs in the supine position, immediately after a meal or before a meal. At this point, there is a reflux of gastric contents into the esophagus (reflux), part of which enters the bronchi — spasm starts.
    2. Often the cough appears in the night, suffocating nature, he may lose in standing or sitting.
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    For the differential dosing is sufficient to hold a number of important surveys.

    1. Clinical: analysis of blood, explaining whether there is an infection in the body, which eliminates or confirms the diagnosis of pneumonia. If there are a large number of eosinophils in the blood can be assumed this disease, such as asthma.
    2. X-rays will show whether there is inflammation of the lungs.
    3. Spirographic study will help to determine the presence of bronchial obstruction.
    4. The most informative and revealing study is EGD (fibrogastroduodenoscopy), which can detect changes of the mucous membrane of the esophagus and operates as a full-round muscle — the sphincter.

    Do not forget that any of pulmonary disease can develop with GERD.

    Diseases of ENT organs

    Внепищеводные проявления ГЭРБThis group of patients in whom reflux disease «climbed» higher. Extremely rare cases where gastric content gets above the bronchi — in the larynx. A man comes to the therapist or ENT doctor with the following complaints:

  • hoarseness in the mornings and often throughout the day;
  • sometimes a patient’s only concern is the soreness (scratching sensation) in the throat, while the man coughs constantly, as if something prevents him;
  • in the morning, sometimes rough barking cough;
  • symptoms significantly decrease or disappear throughout the day;
  • in advanced stages of the disease the symptoms increase and are concerned not only in the morning and night.
  • To make an accurate diagnosis does not help even a specific examination methods in otorhinolaryngology. When laryngoscopy is the method of examination of the larynx, it will changes of the mucosa. During inspection of the throat the doctor will detect redness of the pharynx, which can also be misleading.

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    What is the difference from typical manifestations of these diseases?

    1. The maximum manifestation in the morning — not typical for GERD.
    2. Medicines prescribed for laryngitis, does not help, but occasional use of «Omeprazole» or «Famotidine» — will greatly facilitate the condition.

    Not quite the case heart

    Внепищеводные проявления ГЭРБWapisiana to the typical manifestations of GERD include cardiac pain. Often reflux symptoms are mistaken for angina (chest it is called «toad»). This disease develops as a result of the lack of blood supply to the heart muscle. Pain in region of heart appear, when he «not enough oxygen».

    Why confuse these two diseases?

    1. Heartburn with reflux disease often mimics heart pain. Person can not always clearly differentiate what it is —a burning sensation in the esophagus or heart problems.
    2. The esophagus is near the heart, and people at the age of these two pathologies occur together, this is the main reason for the difficulties of diagnosis.

    These diseases through careful observation one can distinguish:

  • during the development of angina pain start after physical exertion and severe emotional shock;
  • heartburn and discomfort in GERD develops during or after a meal, especially when bending the body or in the supine position;
  • heart pain stoped nitroglycerin, and in diseases of the digestive system — antacids and proton pump inhibitors;
  • reflux disease will not show specific changes on the ECG.
  • Osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine

    Внепищеводные проявления ГЭРБThis age-related changes in the spine due to the destruction of intervertebral disks, with pain in one of the departments of the vertebral column. Problems thoracic person feels in the form of pain between the shoulder blades or burning.

    The same symptoms occur with GERD. But at first glance they are similar, because:

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  • osteochondrosis bring relief non-steroidal anti-inflammatory substances, which when reflux disease only worsen the condition;
  • problems with the spine worsens during physical exertion (if we carry heavy bags, you long to sit at the table), they are not associated with food intake.
  • Any wapisiana manifestations of GERD are treated in the same way as the disease itself, may change only the duration of therapy.

    But if specific treatment is not assigned and doctors mistakenly trying to get rid of other diseases, then the following possible complications:

  • may develop ulcers of the esophagus;
  • at constant casting of hydrochloric acid in the larynx appears osiplosti, and in advanced cases may develop cancer;
  • treatment of «low back pain» anti-inflammatory substances lead to the formation of stomach ulcers and bleeding.
  • How to understand whether a person suffers from GERD? Not everyone would think that long-term cough need to do EGD or try to take an antacid. Even doctors are not always able to recognize reflux disease, which is cleverly hidden behind other forms. But thanks to the attentive monitoring of all symptoms can be suspected of this burning disease — GERD, and try to cure her.