What to do if sour belching even after drinking water

What to do if sour belching even after drinking water

Love asks:

Hello. Diagnosis gastroduodenopathies and duodenogastric reflux. Even after a drink of water belching sour. Said weakened pylorus and sphincter of Oddi. But how to cure these two valves? Please help.

The answer of the doctor:

Hello, Love.

All these disease will always bother you in the period of exacerbation and eating disorders. The treatment of such diseases is a long laborious process in which the recovery depends largely on the behavior of the sick person.

First you need to determine the cause of their development to work directly on it. For example, in the inflammatory process of the pancreas or the gallbladder to treat these conditions and additionally, use of symptomatic agents. The full treatment should designate your attending physician, but, after a full examination of all organs.

How to treat gastroduodenopathies and duodenogastric reflux?

  1. One of the important points — proper nutrition with the exception of sharp, fatty, fried and heavy meals, which the body difficult to process. Do not overeat, divide the meals into 5-6 times a day in small portions. The entire period of treatment do not drink coffee, alcohol and strong drinks, reduce the amount of sweet foods — they weaken the sphincter muscles.
  2. Avoid emotional strain, and if necessary, take sedative drugs.
  3. Need to use medications to protect the lining of the stomach and small intestine, which can be assigned to receive in a few months.
  4. When expressed pain are assigned to courses pain therapy.
  5. Be sure to use drugs that enhance motor activity of the stomach and improve the functioning of the sphincter.
  6. In addition, the doctor may recommend medicines that improve the flow of bile, reduces heartburn and other.
  7. If long-term treatment did not bring positive result is assigned to the operation to strengthen the sphincter.
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Any error in diet or violation of the therapeutic regimen will lead to increased symptoms, such as heartburn and belching.