What to do in case of shortness of breath with GERD and esophagitis

What to do in case of shortness of breath with GERD and esophagitis?

Julia asks the doctor.

Good day! Please tell me how to get rid of dysphagia and short of breath with GERD? Can occur anytime, but most often in the evenings and nights. At night, particularly dry mouth. Cutting the course «Nolpaza», «Trimedat and Pepsin», but the symptoms remained.

The answer of the doctor — how to get rid of dysphagia

Hello, Julia!

Dysphagia, that is, violation of act of swallowing is a common symptom of GERD, which is the result of inflammation of the esophageal wall, or narrowing of its lumen. It’s a protective mechanism where the body tries to limit the burden on the affected organ. To get rid of it you need to treat the underlying disease and to try to find and eliminate the cause of esophagitis and GERD.

The feeling of lack of air can also be due to inflammation of the esophageal wall. In GERD the stomach contents sometimes (it’s leftover food or hydrochloric acid, along with gastric juice) passes from the stomach into the esophagus, and from there can penetrate into the Airways causing them to constrict. During the cast, the person feels a lack of air — that is, the Airways are narrowed and not miss it.

The cure lies not in getting rid of symptoms, but in finding the cause of the development of the disease. Drugs in the treatment of GERD is sometimes necessary to take a long time, for at least three or even six months.

  1. First, complete a full examination, to exclude all concomitant diseases that led to the problem.
  2. Second, in the absence of effect of primary treatment consult your physician about substitute medicines. They should take long-term.
  3. Third, don’t forget about the diet and correction of lifestyle, to relieve symptoms (don’t wear tight clothes, you can not take a horizontal position after eating, and it is impossible to move actively after a meal).
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If medication does not help, you need to consult if necessary with the gastroenterologist about the possibility of surgical treatment.