What to do when severe nighttime bouts of heartburn

What to do when severe nighttime bouts of heartburn

Natalia says.

Good day! I suffer from night heartburn attacks, so strong that sometimes sleep is impossible. And in the morning is a strong feeling sour in his mouth. Please tell me what to do? Folk remedies gently help.

The answer of the doctor about the heartburn

Hello, Natalia.

Night bouts of heartburn — a common symptom of this unpleasant disease, such as gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. Based its development on two main mechanisms:

  1. the defeat or weakening of the circular muscle located between the esophagus and stomach (sphincter niinamesai), whose main function of preventing reverse passage of food;
  2. the regurgitation (reflux) of stomach contents or the initial division of the small intestine (this can be food, gastric juice, excess of hydrochloric acid or bile) into the esophagus.

Because of frequent contact with the esophagus contents of the lower digestive system, You feel a burning sensation. Night this symptom is most pronounced, as:

  • produces less saliva, which when swallowed, protects the lining of the esophagus;
  • supine reflux (casts) often occur because the sphincter is relaxed.
  • This disease folk remedies do not cure, but long neglect will lead to deterioration of the process. Therefore, the only right decision is to visit a doctor and fully examined. You will have to go minimum research: fibrogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) and x-ray examination of the esophagus, the results of which the doctor will prescribe proper treatment.

    Such heartburn, as a rule, treat long. Using drugs for quick relief — antacids, and to complete treatment apply the proton pump inhibitors long course.

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