What to do when the first symptoms burping

How to get rid of the first symptoms burping

Victoria asks the doctor.

Hello! I wanted to know, burping is bothering only one day, so I immediately went online to read the causes, and how to get rid of it. Read that it could even be cancer, is this true? And how to get rid of that burp?

The answer of the doctor — what to do when the first symptoms burping

Hello, Victoria.

If burping is bothering just one day too early to talk about any diagnosis, especially one of the most dangerous cancer. The reasons can be several, and not all of them are associated with poor health:

  • improper diet if the diet is dominated by a variety of fast food, crisps, fizzy drinks, alcohol, spicy foods, fatty foods, huge amount of spices;
  • if a person eats irregularly, making too big breaks in the food;
  • overeating, feast also contribute to burping;
  • belching air care if people used to talk a lot during meals.
  • Burp will quickly disappear if you remove the cause (one or more of the above) that causes.

    But if burping is bothering constantly, for a long time, while other symptoms cannot be eliminated is the reason for going to a specialist. Then, indeed, burping can be a symptom of some diseases of the digestive system, which can lead to the development of cancer. There is disease, a complication of which is cancer, but they do not appear during the day.

    So you are not bothered by the thought of the worst — pass minimum tests: EGD, blood chemistry, ECG, General tests, chest x-rays, ultrasound of internal organs of the digestive system.

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    Proper treatment can only be assigned after the exposed diagnosis, and timely treatment to a specialist will help to identify incipient disease at an early stage.