Will surgery to cure reflux disease

Will surgery to cure reflux disease

Eugene asks:

Good day! I am 30 years old. I observed for several years by a gastroenterologist. The diagnosis is almost always the same — moderate gastroduodenitis due to bile reflux. Reflux of bile is present in each EGD. Constantly sit on Omez and De Nola + diet, that was not pain and was normal sleep. Remission is a month and a half over the last few years. Conservative treatment partly helps, but I would like reflux disease to cure, if possible. Prompt, please, can you direct me to recommending surgical intervention (perhaps the installation of a cuff or other operational methods) to improve the quality of life. If you believe that to be effective this method of treatment, it could recommend a clinic? All the blood tests, can send. Thank you.

Hello, Eugene!

Surgical intervention is indicated in case if conservative treatment is ineffective over a long period of complications. When the disease significantly affects the quality of life or the person does not have the financial ability to continue treatment.

To assess whether you have such a need, you need to completely study your case history.

But if you do not remove the cause of the weakening of the sphincter, even after surgery, relapse. So to start is to understand why it is always present in the stomach bile. In this case, you need to conduct a more in-depth studies of the digestive system:

  • to do ultrasound examination of abdominal cavity;
  • to pass the biochemical analysis of blood.
  • There may be a lesion of the gall bladder or pancreas, which leads to your problem. It should also eliminate the emotional factor in the defeat.

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    Another significant disadvantage — your treatment. The use of the same drug for a long period of time leads to addiction and, consequently, to ineffective therapy. Try to replace substances on more recent (after more tests).

    Shows whether the operation still depends on the degree of muscle damage. In mild violation it is possible to strengthen and physiotherapeutic methods.