Genital warts on lips: causes and treatment

Warts that occur in the most sensitive areas, bring great inconvenience to the weak half of humanity. We are talking about genital warts. These growths appear in the intimate area due to the activity of human papilloma virus and manifested in the time of the reduction of protective forces of an organism. Genital warts dangerous possibility of degeneration into cancer.

Find out when the virus infection is not easy: it can be in the human body for a long time and does not manifest itself.

Methods of infection

People infected with HPV, even without external manifestations of the disease, already serves as a source of transmission of the virus to other people.

We can distinguish the following ways of infection:

  • Warts on labia can appear as a result of entry of papillomavirus during sex with an infected partner.
  • The virus can be transmitted to the newborn from the sick mother.
  • Sharing items of clothing, other items, items of personal hygiene.
  • Through physical contact — sometimes even a handshake.

How dangerous is HPV on the genitals?

The genital area can affect the papillomaviruses two subtypes: low and high risk of cancer. In the first case the mucous membrane and the skin and occur the so-called genital warts. In the second case, the defeat of the virus can lead to cervical dysplasia that increases the risk of cancer of the cervix. Experts believe this kind of infection the most common of sexually transmitted diseases. Be infected with a virus of this sort can every sexually active adults.

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What are genital warts?

While a person is healthy, the virus is not in any way discerned. Doctors know that only two percent of carriers of the virus can cause warts in the intimate place. They are growths in shades of Nude ranging from 1 to 5 mm, similar in appearance to inflorescence of cabbage. They are able to gradually grow, the skin around them can zuditsya and inflamed. The virus is activated when a decrease in the immune system or noticeable uhudsheniya health infected. Warts most often appear in places where during intercourse appear microtrauma.

The growths arise in the following areas: the clitoris, the vagina, large and small labia, the cervix, etc. With a strong immune system warts do not develop at all, or remain for years in the same condition.

To identify genital warts fairly at least once a year, see a gynecologist.

Women whose doctors have discovered warts on the genitals, it is also recommended to undergo annual cervical screening. This is necessary in order to prevent the development of dysplasia.

Sometimes genital HPV is accepted micropapillae — rash on labia. This scattering of small papules is absolutely safe for the health of women and even considered a normal anatomic feature.


You should know that the removal of warts removes only a cosmetic problem, but does not cure. At present, medicine has no methods of direct effects on HPV. It only remains to strengthen the immune system of the sick with the appointment of vitamins, immune-boosting and health enhancing drugs, helping the body fight the infection on their own.

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