Get wet ears inside an treatment, why it is wet

Why do ears get wet inside and how to cure it?

Ear disease today meet every second person. So, if you notice a different discharge, pain in the ears and head, feeling of stuffiness and loss of hearing acuity, you should immediately contact a doctor, as these symptoms represent the beginning of the inflammatory process.

In some cases an adult gets wet inside the ear. This issue must be urgently addressed, as in advanced cases may be a manifestation of hearing loss, chronic otitis, as well as partial or full revocation hearing.

About the causes of moisture in the ears

If you notice that your ear is getting much periodically without apparent reason, you should think about the condition and ask the doctor to determine the root causes of inflammation.

The fact that this symptom signals the beginning of any disease is a fact, but need to know what symptoms occur in addition to phlegm.

Do not make independent conclusions, and pay attention to factors that may occur depending on lifestyle.

This way you will be able to help the medical worker to quickly make a diagnosis and to begin complex treatment.

But not always wet the ear in a marker of inflammation. In some cases, the reason lies in domestic factors. In the case of short symptom it is necessary to conduct the hygiene of the organ of hearing and drip drugs soothe irritation in the ear canal.

For such purposes suitable drug «Remo-wax» or a three percent hydrogen peroxide. However, if the ears get wet periodically without a visit to a specialist can not do.

To cause this symptom may have some inflammation.

The most common cause of mucus in the ears is otitis of the outer or middle ear. In this case, excessive moisture in the ears evidence of inflammation in the ear canal.

The reason its occurrence may be the penetration of viruses and bacteria, as well as lack of hygiene or excessive cleaning of the ear from sulfur, and trauma to the ear, or complications of influenza and colds.

In that case, why in the ear wet? In the process of inflammation in the ears occurs the secretion of exudate. In some cases it is purulent the beginning, which is formed in the middle region of the ear. In the case of pressure on the eardrum, the auditory canal is formed the liquid, which causes the phlegm.

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Another common reason for excessive moisture in the ears is the presence of fungal infections. Atomikos occurs suddenly and is accompanied by many symptoms, one of which is the excess humidity in the ear.

Fungus in the ear occurs due to the formation of cracks and wounds while scratching, traumatizing the ear, ignore hygiene rules and because of many other reasons. Apart from sputum, the affected area is itchy, and on the outer part of the ear appear different selection of white or yellow color.

The next reason for the appearance of mucus in the ears is the presence of eczema.

In medical circles this condition is called weeping zoster. The inflammation is on the outer part of the ear.

When not treated, it passes into the external auditory canal and below the ear.

In the process of inflammation in humans strongly get wet and blush ears, rash and blisters. In the recovery process, the bubbles burst, covered with crusts and secrete a secret, which in humans strongly get wet ears.

It is not necessary to bypass the non-proliferation reasons, but also cause the secretion of excessive moisture. In some cases, mucus in the ears can cause allergies prolonged use of antibiotics, antidepressants, tranquilizers.

In some cases, the Allergy is manifested in gold earrings and other metal. At this time, the ears react strongly to metal and secrete a secret, which causes phlegm.

Regardless of the symptoms you must consult an ENT doctor to determine the root cause. The specialist will prescribe the treatment after the performed inspection, which includes a blood test and smear.

The otolaryngologist examines the problem area and identifying various rashes and skin breaks conducting a survey with the help of a dermatologist.

A blood test will determine the type of disease and to appoint treatment.

If the cause of the sputum lies in allergies or the formation of eczema specialist determines the type of the stimulus. This is necessary to ensure that after treatment there was no relapse.

Get wet ears — treatment

After identifying all symptoms and signs, as well as accurate diagnosis of inflammation is assigned an individual course of treatment.

Depending on the reasons that causes the mucus in the ears, and in the presence of temperature and itching specialist assigns medical therapy and physiotherapy.

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In severe cases, in the case of ineffectiveness of drug treatment, the doctor may prescribe surgery. However, the cases to date are rare.

During the course of treatment the patient needs to take plenty of water and follow the diet. The diet should be a large number of minerals and vitamins.

The treatment of eczema

So, in the case of formation of excessive moisture in the ears due to eczema, the patient is assigned to the following procedures:

  1. The destruction of the irritant factor.
  2. After this you need to restore the nervous system with the help of drugs, massage and herbal teas.
  3. The doctor appoints special diet that includes only healthy food. The patient is prohibited to eat fatty and spicy foods, and sweets. In addition, the treatment process must completely abandon alcoholic beverages.
  4. Then you need to remove the itchy feeling by using anti-inflammatory drops and ointments.
  5. At the stage of recovery at the time of formation of bubbles with the secrets of the patient may need to use emollient creams and ointments.

If in the process of treatment in the diseased ear are formed crusts, which emit strong exudate should be screened for the presence of fungus.

In the case of confirmation of diagnosis, the patient is prescribed antibiotics and an antifungal ointment.

The medicines that are allowed in the treatment of eczema and fungus are:

  • a drying means;
  • the silver nitrate solution;
  • antihistamine drugs – «Suprastin», «Core», «Ebastine».

Be patient, as the process of curing the fungus takes quite a long time.

In the process of therapy do not touch the ears with dirty hands, pay attention to clean the ear. Do not brush the ears and do not provoke aggravation of inflammation. During the entire course of treatment, it is necessary to take vitamins and supplements as the body is exposed to the strong drugs that destroy the immune system.


If the cause of excessive moisture is in the otitis external, middle or inner ear it is necessary comprehensive treatment. In the case of acute inflammation of the patient antibiotic treatment. In addition, the patient must take the following medications:

  1. Antibiotics «Ampicillin,» «Oxacillin» or «Augmentin».
  2. In the case of lesions of the external ear is assigned the ointment «Levomekol», «Flutsinar».
  3. In the case of otitis due to fungus patient required antifungal drugs — «drug zistan», «Nitrogen» or «lamisil».
  4. In the treatment process, it is important to reduce the temperature of the antipyretic.
  5. In the course of the complex treatment includes drops, which include antibiotics — «Kandibiotik», «Cipromed» or «mefenamic acid».
  6. In the case of mild inflammation without purulent discharge patient prescribed eye drops, «Drops» or «Otinum».
  7. When the patient is already on the mend, you must hold physiotherapy, which includes UHF, laser therapy, thermotherapy and the use of different alcohol compresses.

In every case of otitis requires an individual approach. Therefore, before applying this medication, contact your doctor.


If the ears get wet and itching for the accessories on the ears try to remove the annoying object or replace the others. Moreover, the patient needs different antihistamines.

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Remember that proper treatment will allow you to avoid many unpleasant complications. However, avoid self-treatment and prior to medication assistance, contact a qualified technician.

Before the treatment of any inflammation, you need to install the root causes and factors that caused the inflammation and phlegm in my ears.

In some cases, the treatment is assigned physiotherapy. Strictly follow the dosage of each drug and do not skip procedures.

Why is my ear wet inside. Because of some of the reasons for getting the ear in adult. Why in the ear wet during otitis media. How to treat wet ears.