Getting used to the drops in the nose: how to get rid of habits, what to do

How to wean from nasal drops?

Otolaryngology has more than a dozen varieties of rhinitis, with different etiology and pathogenesis. Less common today, the form of rhinitis – medication caused by the uncontrolled use of vasoconstrictive drops.

Exceeding the recommended doses causes getting used to the drops in the nose. How to get rid of drug dependence and tolerance to drugs, the question is highly relevant. Because the process of breaking the habit may take a long time, and untimely measures can result severe complications.

Why there is a habit to the drops for the nose

Most patients believe vasoconstrictor medications, a panacea for the common cold, self involved, and gradually increase the dosage for faster result.

At first glance an easy treatment process, can lead to significant disruption of the functioning of the nasal mucosa and the development of side effects: frequent headaches, gestational hypertension, sleep disorder, depression.

Nasal drops belong to the group of agonists of adrenergic receptors that have a stimulating effect on the adrenergic receptors of blood vessels, causing narrowing of the latter. Adrenergic stimulation of medicinal products alters the secretion aconselho secret.

The effect of vasoconstrictor drugs meant to relieve swelling of the mucosa, reducing the amount of mucus and the relief of nasal breathing. In other words, the nasal drops do not have a direct impact on the cause of the disease, but only resolve the manifested symptoms.

Important! Delayed treatment of rhinitis drug threatens pathological changes in the nasal mucosa, to restore the functioning of which may need surgical intervention.

Therapeutic treatment involves the use of vasoconstrictor drugs to no more than 3-5 days because more prolonged use causes tolerance to the medicine (tolerance active ingredients).

Uncontrolled burying of the nose has the opposite effect – decrease in tone of vessels, atrophy of the mucosa, difficulty in breathing and absolute dependence on vasoconstrictor drops.

In this case, the problem is not solved by complete elimination of the pharmacological product, independent action is not always possible to exclude getting used to the drops in the nose. What to do to ease symptoms, consult your doctor after careful consideration of the history of the patient and the pharmacokinetics of drug used.

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How to treat getting used to the drops in the nose

The direct responsibility of the attending specialist is to determine the etiology of the disease and inspection of the mucosa, paranasal sinuses and nasal septum. After a thorough diagnosis selected treatment regimen based on individual patient characteristics.

In practice, selected conservative therapy, in exceptional cases, there is a need for drastic measures (surgery).

The main recommendations include manipulation of the patient to withdrawal from drugs, recipes of traditional medicine, rehabilitation of the nasopharynx in the home, physiotherapy.

Necessary actions to facilitate

If the nose is used to the drops in the first place it is necessary to minimize the concentration of the drug and reduce the number of its applications. To do this:

  • to increase the interval between the instillation of the nose;
  • every day to reduce the dosage of the drug (ideally, dripping nose just before bedtime);
  • if possible, dilute the pharmacological product with boiled water before use.

It is important to develop the habit not to resort to drops at the first sign of nasal congestion. Alternative methods will help to ease breathing and humidifying of air in the room fresh air in the warm time of the year.

Your doctor may suggest a method of replacement of the drug. There are four types of vasoconstrictive drops with a different active substance: phenylephrine, naphazoline, Xylometazoline and Oxymetazoline.

For example, if the addiction was caused by fenilafrinom assigned drug based on another active substance of the above.

If this method does not give a positive dynamics in the therapeutic regimen included the drug based on a synthetic hormone similar to that secreted by the adrenal glands of biologically active substances in the human body.

The value of single or cumulative applications, and the duration of therapy is calculated based on the patient’s age and severity of drug rhinitis.

Nasal lavage

Debridement of the nasal cavity refers to procedures approved among physicians. This manipulation does not require specific skills and easily done at home.

The most common method is the use of salt solution as prepared independently or purchased in a drugstore («Akvamaris», «Phrase», etc.).

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The use of this method allows to restore the normal functioning of the nasal mucosa to eliminate dryness, reduce the viscosity and amount of mucus to ease breathing.

To prepare the solution to be a third of 1 tsp. of sea salt dissolved in 250 ml. of water, brought to a boil. Allow to cool to an acceptable temperature (36 degrees) and proceed to the washing.

Important! Salt has an antiseptic effect. Should stick to the recommended dosage in preparing the solution, since increased amounts of salt can lead to dryness of the mucosa.

Purchased at the pharmacy tools to facilitate the wash procedure. Pharmacological products are equipped with special anatomical attachments, and the solution is fed under pressure, which allows to irrigate the mucosa.

Unconventional therapies

Among the most effective ways of folk therapy in the treatment of medicamentous rhinitis, it is necessary to highlight the following recipes:

  1. Medical drops. For cooking you have to mix equal proportions of aloe Vera juice, honey and sea buckthorn oil. Use three times a day, 2-3 drops in each nasal passage.
  2. Steam bath with essential oils. When used properly, essential oil of tea tree can become an indispensable tool in the treatment. Thanks to regenerative, antiseptic action has a positive effect on the mucosa. To prepare the steam bath you need in 1 l of water brought to the boil to dissolve a few drops of oil esters.
  3. Not less effective eucalyptus oil. You can also use the leaves of the plant. For conducting inhalation need 3 tbsp of leaves boil for 10 minutes to simmer in 500 ml water. Allow to cool slightly the mixture and proceed to inhalation of steam. The duration of treatment should not exceed more than 15 minutes. Daily rate – 2 times, morning and before bedtime.

  1. Turundy with baraminology ointment. Turundy soaked in the ointment are inserted into each nasal passage for 15-20 minutes. The treatment lasts one to two weeks.
  2. Medicinal infusions. Saline irrigation solution can be replaced with infusion prepared from medicinal herbs. The most optimal combination of medicinal herbs: chamomile + calendula + sage (2 tbsp). Pour mixture of herbs 500 ml water, brought to a boil for 60 minutes and drain. Use 3 to 4 times a day for 10 days.
  3. To facilitate nasal breathing, you can use the mustard bath for the feet.
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Significantly alleviate the condition of the patient the physical therapy helps. The most effective procedure in the treatment of rhinitis medical:

  • electrophoresis. This helps to remove the swelling of the mucous membrane, accelerate tissue regeneration, activating the body’s immune defenses. The principle of electrophoresis is based on the simultaneous action of electric pulses and the introduction of drugs through the nasal mucosa;
  • phonophoresis, effect on the mucous membranes through the high-frequency sound waves, which allows to increase the efficiency of medicines and speed up the healing process;
  • ultrahigh-frequency therapy (the effect of high-frequency electromagnetic field). Helps to restore cellular respiration, regenerates the mucous membranes, reduces puffiness, stimulates blood circulation and the body’s immune defenses;
  • acupressure (point massage) effectively localizes the symptoms, restores nasal breathing, removes swelling. A relatively simple procedure that does not require the use of drugs. You can perform at home as it does not require special skills.

Important! Folk remedies are powerful allergens before use which should be allergopharma.


Having considered the possible ways to wean itself from the nose drops, it is worth noting that the patient may need to be adjusted for long term treatment. A positive mental attitude, and compliance with the recommendations of a physician will allow to get rid of dependence with minimal damage to the body.