Getting wet behind the ear in adult and child treatment, why weeps how to treat

Why is wet behind the ears and how to cure it?

In that case, if one is wet behind the ear in adults, this symptom may indicate the development of pathological process in the body. First, moist skin is a symptom of dermatological diseases, the treatment for which you must perform under the guidance of a doctor.

Besides moisture behind the ear, the patient may experience itching and flaking on the skin. Next, let’s talk about the development of this phenomenon, its causes and ways of treatment.

Why is wet behind the ear in adults

When an adult notices the appearance of redness behind the ear, crusts, and moisture of the skin in this area, he usually tries even harder to comply with hygiene procedures. Besides starting to treat the affected area with antiseptics.

However, such actions do not always lead to the desired result. Sometimes the inflammation is not just persists, but more than that – goes to the scalp. And only then the patient enlists the help of a dermatologist.

However, in order to know how to treat this condition, the specialist first determines the root cause.

The appearance of scabs on the ears in adults, the humidity in the parotid region, itching can provoke a variety of reasons. The most common factors are:

  • allergies;
  • scrofula;
  • eczema and dermatitis.

Consider these pathologies in more detail, since each of them is characterized by its symptoms and peculiarities of the process.

Help. In infants and babies up to 1 year immature digestive system is the factor why one is wet behind the ear in a child. Nursing mothers should carefully monitor their diet.


If the ear itches and weeps then it’s likely caused by contact with a specific irritant.

A negative reaction can cause a certain hair, the material of the headdress, earrings (especially if it’s jewelry), glasses (they bow) or headphones.

This is with regard to the direct contact of irritants with the skin of the parotid region. However, some allergens can cause General reaction of the organism and it can occur on different parts of the body and quite often this happens at the hearing.

Very rarely there may be a pathology of the gneiss in adulthood. As a rule, this disease is caused by genetic faults which occur on the skin inflammatory skin lesions.

Help. To provoke the gneiss may have a nervous breakdown, repeat allergic reactions, poor nutrition, and poor ecological state of the environment in the place of residence.


Scrofula – the popular name of the exudative diathesis, which can cause a number of reasons. Most often this disease affects children under the age of 10 years, however sometimes also observed in adulthood.

Scrofula is not contagious disease and, therefore, is not transmitted by airborne droplets or through bodily contact.

The main factors of development of this pathology include:

  1. An unbalanced diet with lack of vitamins.
  2. Bad habits.
  3. Weakened protective function of the body.
  4. Violation of metabolic processes in the body.
  5. Poor cleanliness, especially in the parotid region.

The skin in this disease very itchy, becomes Golden brown and it formed scabs, which will eventually go.

If formed behind the ear cracked, and the fluid flows from them is a very dangerous symptom that requires immediate treatment because the infection is able to penetrate into the bloodstream, distributed to organs and to even get to the brain, which is extremely dangerous for life.

Help. Scrofula likes the sweet tooth. If a person eats a lot of pastry, he may develop atypical allergies which in turn can cause this ailment.

Eczema and dermatitis

Pathological data conditions can cause mechanical damage and, again, various allergic reactions.

A factor that may trigger the development of these diseases is a weakened protective function of the organism during infectious inflammatory processes.

Eczema blisters with fluid occur on the ear and the heart behind it. The duration of exacerbations is 20-27 days. Initially there is a seal skin, then it starts to itch.

A rash, which is also very itchy. If it is a rip off, it inflamed my skin cracks and it will form a moist crust.

Help. If early treatment of eczema, in 7-10 days the disease is eliminated before the stage of exacerbation.

Dermatitis is characterized by the appearance of crusts on affected skin, in this form, small papules with a liquid content. When they burst, it creates inflamed weeping skin, which formed on top of the crust.

Getting wet behind the ear: treatment

This symptom is quite serious and even dangerous. Therefore, you should leave all attempts at home treatment for any other case.

The most correct decision in this situation is contact a medical care. Before being treated, the dermatologist will examine, will appoint the necessary tests and examinations, based on which establish a precise diagnosis. And after that will assign the appropriate treatment regimen.

If you have allergies, the first thing you need to do is to identify the allergen and eliminate it completely. Treatment is with antihistamines and medications for local effects. The latter are applied to the affected area of the skin to eliminate inflammation and the consequences of allergic reactions.

Important. If for a long time unable to establish the allergen that is a threat of the appearance of eczema.

Before curing scrofula, it is necessary to change the way of life of the patient, that is to change diet (to enrich the products which are necessary for normal functioning of the body), to eliminate bad habits and to load the body of a rational physical exertion.

As for medical therapy of scrofula, the affected skin smeared with ointment with an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Also the doctor can prescribe medications to normalize metabolic processes in the body. Quite often antibiotics are used for systemic effects, usually in pill form.

The patient is often necessary in the fresh air, because air baths contribute to a speedy recovery.

For dermatitis therapeutic action are the same as when coping with allergic reactions.

In order eczema to lead to remission, the skin should be treated with a solutions based oils and special sprays based on oksikort.

To prevent secondary infection, moist the area should be treated with ether or antiseptic alcohol-based. If the peeling is dry, then are usually prescribed ointments with anti-inflammatory action.

Any disease requires an individual approach in treatment. Without knowing the specifics of the development of the disease the treatment at home can cause a complication of the disease or the accession of a number of complications.

When getting wet behind the ear, itches, flakes is a very unpleasant experience, from which just want to get rid of. In order to do this properly it is necessary to visit a specialist.

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