Gidrokortizon in-ear — suspension and drops how to use them

How to use ear drops «Hydrocortisone»?

With the onset of cold weather or, conversely, rapid warming of the human immune system can’t handle it. In this case, many people develop colds or flu. These inflammation are not deadly or particularly dangerous. However, if you do not start timely treatment even harmless cold can cause serious complications, e.g. otitis media.

For the treatment of inflammatory processes in the outer, middle or inner ear, experts recommend comprehensive treatment. In the case of local therapy many qualified doctors suggest to buy hydrocortisone suspension in the ears. How to use this medicine and what his side effects will be analyzed in this article.

About ear-drops «Hydrocortisone»

Recently a disease such as otitis media occurs more often. This is due to the poor environment, lack of proper nutrition and lack of sleep. In this case, the immune health of the patient greatly decreases in the human body undergoes various inflammatory processes. Commonly, in the first place, is suffering from nose, throat and ears.

In the case of infectious diseases affecting the outer, middle or inner ear. Usually in the case of the virus in the organ of hearing person begins to lose some hearing, worried about his headaches and temporal pain and severe pain in the ears.

In the case of serious diseases, such as purulent otitis, the patient is advised treatment with the use of antibiotics, various physiotherapy procedures and laser therapy.

In case of inflammation of the outer or middle ear ENT doctors recommend to buy specialized ear drops with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.

One of the most famous drugs is considered drops in the ear «Hydrocortisone».

Due to its ability they for a short time, get to the source of inflammation and effectively destroy bacteria.

You should know that the drug «Hydrocortisone» is hormonal remedy and belongs to the group of corticosteroids. Therefore, the main effect of the medicines are directed to the anti-inflammatory and antitoxic. In addition, the use of «Hydrocortisone» in the ear effectively reduces swelling.

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Before you purchase the drug, it is important to clarify some of the details of this medicine.

First, the drug «Hydrocortisone» strong synthetic glucocorticosteroid agent.

Therefore, the use of medication is allowed only in the case of topical application.

Secondly, this medication has a rapid anti-inflammatory effect. As a result, the tool can be used in case of Allergy and to eliminate pain.

In addition, bury «Hydrocortisone» in the ears can be under the following inflammations:

  1. Diseases caused by infectious bacteria.
  2. Malfunction of the auditory tube.
  3. Otitis external ear.
  4. Otitis media middle pane.
  5. In case of allergic reactions on the skin of the organ of hearing.
  6. With prolonged use of headphone, earplug or hearing aid in the prevention.

It is important to know that the tool exists in several forms. However, the treatment of the ears, you cannot use «Hydrocortisone» in the form of eye ointments and suspensions for intramuscular and intraarticular injections.

Although in some cases the doctors recommend the application of ointment. The appearance of sores or diaper rash before instillation of ear you need to use the ointment for a speedy recovery of damaged non-infected skin surfaces.


Despite the fact that this drug has a very impressive positive list, do not take this medication for treatment of children up to two years.

In addition, read the following list:

  1. The use of drugs is prohibited in the case of individual intolerance of the components of the medication.
  2. Burying «Hydrocortisone» is prohibited in case of recent vaccination.
  3. Do not use the tool in case of perforation of the eardrum.
  4. It is strictly prohibited to instill medication in the case of fungal disease.
  5. In the case of diabetes or tuberculosis shall not be used.
  6. Carefully take the drug should be in the case of ulcers and in the case of acute inflammation.
  7. With caution use this medicine if you are pregnant or feed the child breast milk.
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Suspension hydrocortisone in ear – instructions for use

After you have purchased the product and carefully studied all the side effects, check out the correct dosage. In various cases of «Hydrocortisone» take a different.

Thus, in the case of acute inflammations and conditions that are impossible to postpone, «Hydrocortisone» should be taken intravenously.

However, such cases have nothing to do with ear diseases.

Therefore, before burying the means to consult a specialist for accurate diagnosis of inflammation and appointment of complex treatment.

Remember that you first need to verify the integrity of the eardrum. Since the use of these drops is not designed for use in the case of perforations. In this case, you may seriously injure your health.

After undergoing the examinations and assignments of this medication specialist safely use a tool, but strictly follow the dosage.

In case of inflammation of the outer ear the doctors recommended to take three drops.

In situation of inflammation of the middle ear instill four drops in each ear.

The course of treatment should be no more than fourteen days twice a day.

For treatment of children six years and older is recommended to use one or two drops depending on the condition of the patient.

Children from six to fourteen years of age are allowed to introduce two drops into the outer ear once a day.

The correct method of instillation

Remember that before you dig the tool, the ear of the person to prepare for use.

  1. To do this, clean the outer ear with hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Tilt your head to one side and carefully put five drops in his ears. Don’t be afraid of the burning feeling – it usually passes quickly. After five minutes, flip the head, after covering the outer ear with a cotton pad.
  3. Repeat with the other ear.
  4. Wipe the ear clean with a disc.
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Following these simple procedures, you can begin treatment. However, just before the introduction of medication into the ear should examine security methods:

  1. Before the introduction of «Hydrocortisone» in the ears RUB the jar in his hands. Thus you will warm the drug. It is necessary to enhance the funds.
  2. For the administration of funds ask your household for assistance, so as an independent the next dose of medication can be problematic.
  3. Lie on one side.
  4. Have an assistant gently pull the earlobe down and introduce drops in the ear canal.
  5. Then the ear must be closed by the pellet, which must be pre-purchased at the pharmacy or make yourself.
  6. Keep the pose for fifteen minutes and then carefully remove the gauze flagellum.

Repeat this procedure a couple of times a day.


Remember that self-treatment can significantly harm your health. Therefore, the best treatment of the ears will be the prevention of health.

The rules are simple: you need to drink plenty of water and follow the diet. Eat more hard fruits and vegetables, and exercise.

In addition, conduct daily hygiene of the organ of hearing. In case of any unpleasant symptoms in the ears, you should seek medical help.